(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhang Dezhen, 38, was a biology teacher employed by the Mengyin County Sixth High School (also called the Jiuzhai High School). On September 19, 2002, she was once again arrested and detained in Mengyin County Detention Center. She went on hunger strike to protest, and was force-fed in the Mengyin County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital multiple times. On January 31, 2003, Chinese New Year Eve, she died after an injection of an unknown drug.

Ms. Zhang Dezhen

On January 31, 2003, Ms. Zhang Dezhen and three fellow practitioners (including Ms. Zhang Guifeng and Ms. Wang Xiangying) were put in a police vehicle, taken to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and placed in a room on the first floor. Ms. Zhang Dezhen passed out on the way. No rescue effort was made for her, but all four practitioners were injected with an unknown drug, which caused them to feel hot, dry mouth, pain throughout their bodies, and weakness in their legs. Doctors placed two hot water bottles under each practitioner's arms.

Ms. Wang Xiangying asked doctor Wang Chun Xiao, "Exactly what kind of drug are you using on us?" No one answered. Soon, Detention Center Director Sun Kehai arrived, and Ms. Wang Xiangying asked again what kind of drug they were using. Sun did not answer, and instead said happily, "Isn't this good?" Ms. Wang Xiangying told him, "Please take Ms. Zhang home quickly." The guards never tried to take care of Ms. Zhang Dezhen, who was still unconscious.

During this process, Ms. Zhang Guilan pulled the needle out of her body. Five guards held her down and continued with the infusion. Ms. Zhang Dezhen looked worse. Guards and doctors still insisted on finishing the infusion. Ms. Zhang Guilan began to recite the Fa loudly, and Ms. Wang Xiangying joined her. Ms. Zhang Dezhen regained consciousness a bit and also recited with them. After the infusion had finished, the guards took them to the third floor, checked Ms. Wang Xiangying's temperature, and gave her another shot.

Guards and doctors behaved like they were performing a show in front of Ms. Zhang Guilan and Ms. Wang Xiangying. They hung four intravenous injection bottles at the four corners of Ms. Zhang Dezhen's bed, and spoke to each other about how they were going to rescue her. Then the doctor gave her a shot of an unknown drug, after which Ms. Zhang went completely silent. A guard standing on the side said quietly, "Another one has ended." They pushed Ms. Zhang Dezhen out.

That is how Ms. Zhang Dezhen died. Her immediate family was notified by the Mengyin County 610 Office. They picked up her older brother Mr. Zhang Dewen, and nephew and took them directly to the Mengyin County Crematorium. They saw that her body was as hard as a rock. She was 5 feet 3 inches tall, but her body was curled up very small, covered with wounds, and emaciated to the degree of deformity. Her employer brought new clothes for her, but they could not fit them on her due to her condition. They had to cover her with the clothes instead.

The agents of Mengyin County 610 Office tried to force her older brother, Mr. Zhang Dewen, to sign the cremation paperwork, but he refused. The officers then brutally beat him. He was forced to sign his name with tears in his eyes. Her body was soon cremated. The guards lied and said that she died of heart disease.

Only two days before Ms. Zhang Dezhen's death, Ms. Liu Shufen (aged 39) was tortured to death on January 29, 2003. She and Ms. Zhang Dezhen were both brutally beaten several days earlier. Her body also was covered with injuries, and she was also curled up and emaciated to the degree of deformity.

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