Greetings, Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

This year I truly wanted to participate in the Fifth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China. I understand that this is to validate the Fa.

1. Fortunate to Obtain the Fa, I Benefit Physically and Mentally

I obtained the Fa in 1997. At that time I was in college. I started to practice Falun Gong because my health was not good. I had sinusitis, arthritis, lumbago, hand and foot paralysis, whole body asthenia, and many other ailments. Some of those symptoms could not be diagnosed or cured. I was longing for a qigong practice, but I could not understand the mysterious theory of traditional Chinese medicine. After I read the Zhuan Falun, I finally understood things about the human body and qigong, about the reason for being a good person, and many mysterious things in traditional Chinese medicine.

By reading the Dafa books and studying the Fa, my mind was truly purified. I got rid of the attachments of jealousy, competitiveness, sentiment, and of selfishness that I had before. I always think of others first. I do not compete with others for personal interest, I can let things go. and I have become an open-minded person. As my mind was purified, my bodily discomforts also greatly decreased. I was very happy.

One night soon after I had become a practitioner, I had a dream that my body expelled a lot of dark matter that looked like mud. I then cleaned myself with pure water. The next morning when I woke up, I immediately realized that Teacher had purified my body. On my way to the exercise site that early morning, I felt that my body was so comfortable and light that I nearly rose up in the air. It was really a miracle. I deeply understood that the Fa is true and every word in Zhuan Falun is the truth.

Afterwards I occasionally experienced Teacher pouring energy into the top of my head and the energy flew down and spread throughout my body. I felt very comfortable. Since then, my illnesses have all disappeared. This is the true Buddha Fa. Dafa truly changed me physically and mentally as I cultivated.

2. Falun Dafa Can Completely Unveil the Mysteries of the Human Body

As a professional working in the medical field, I truly understand that Falun Dafa is the Buddha Fa. Falun Dafa covers every science, including the science of the human body. Many Chinese traditional medical books, such as The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor, have all said that in order to improve the health of human beings and extend a human's life, the person must cultivate his or xinxing. Traditional Chinese medicine talks about different kinds of human sentimentality and desires that could can cause illnesses. The World Health Organization also recognizes the complete definition of health, i.e., mental as well as physical health. Many people in modern society do not understand the close relationship between the body and the mind and how they interact.

Falun Dafa teaches us that the state of our mind has a direct effect on our physical bodies. The body and mind cannot be separated. Cultivation of the Fa can achieve the purification of the body by cultivating one's xinxing and purifying the mind. The Fa is the most advanced human-body science. Teacher taught us in Zhuan Falun:

"Some people think, 'This "character" you're talking about, it's just a philosophical thing. It's a matter of a person's level of awareness. It's different from the gong we want to cultivate.' What do you mean 'different'?! In intellectual circles there's always been the question of whether matter is primary or mind is primary. They've been talking about this and debating it for a long time. I'm going to tell you, in reality, matter and mind are one and the same." (The First Talk)

In my cultivation, I have profoundly experienced that every word is the truth.

3. I Made a Mistake When I Was Illegally Detained in Prison, But Teacher Still Protected Me

When the persecution of Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999, I had already been working for a year. I introduced some predestined people to start to practice Falun Gong and I also helped to establish the exercise site. I did not expect the CCP to start to persecute Falun Gong.

During that first year, the police and the officials from the 610 Office frequently came to my office to talk to me and even used benefits to tempt me. Their goal was to force me to give up Falun Dafa and agree with the CCP's lies. I was not moved by this. I told them that Falun Dafa teaches people to cultivate their xinxing and how to be a good person. I truly believed Teacher was righteous and I did not have any doubts about Dafa or Teacher. I just did not understand why the government wanted to persecute Dafa. At that time, I thought that this was to test our firm belief in Teacher and the Fa. I was still constrained in the status of self-cultivation and I just passively endured the persecution. The police saw that their "soft" tactics did not work so they got tough. They arrested me and brought me to the detention center and also threatened to send me to the forced labor camp. I still practiced the exercises every day to prove that Dafa was being slandered. Then a police officer incited a drug-addicted criminal to beat me. I was not influenced by this. The next day, the criminal received retribution as he was beaten by a police officer.

Once a police officer cuffed my hands and feet. I contracted my hand and the cuff fell off and I continued to practice the exercises. Another time I was holding my hands over my head to do the exercises. A police on patrol passed by and got very angry. He used an electric baton to hit the iron gate. Then he opened the gate and started to yell at me. I was just to the side of the gate. The criminals nearby were all frightened and thought the policeman was going to beat me. My mind was full of righteous thoughts at that time and I remembered Teacher's words in Zhuan Falun:

"If someone could affect you, he could affect me, and to put it directly, he'd be able to affect the universe." (The First Talk)

Teacher also told us:

"Some disciples said: 'What's there to fear? My body would still sit there even with my head cut off.' When you compare them it's clear at a glance how well they cultivate." ("Huge Exposure" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

At that moment, I let go of life and death. The Fa was more important than my life. I did not even move and still silently practiced the exercises. I thought that he would not dare to beat me. He really closed the door and left. After that, the police did not stop me from doing the exercises anymore.

However, I did not have the righteous thought of getting out of the detention center. Instead, I was in a state of passively forbearing. The old forces then found the excuse to persecute me. I was sentenced to two years of forced-labor. At that time, the practitioners in the prison did not know the Fa principle of Fa-Rectification. With the attachment and fear, most of the practitioners were "transformed." I also made the mistake, but I knew that the CCP had lied. I also despised the police's criminal behavior in persecuting the practitioners that refused to be "transformed." My human notions and fear--and lack of clear understanding of the Fa--made me confused and caused me to waste my precious time. But my firm belief in the Fa never changed. I still followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to cultivate myself. I firmly believed that my path of cultivation was arranged by Teacher (including where I should work). Because of these thoughts, I continued to work for my old employer after I was released.

Soon I started to study the Fa again. Because it was hard for me to get Teacher's new articles and there weren't any practitioners in my area to share their experiences with me, I didn't start to understand the Fa-Rectification and sending righteous thoughts until 2003. I was very regretful to have done the wrong thing and let Dafa down. I regretted wasting several years, but compassionate Teacher still protected me. Before I had truly realized my mistake in being "transformed," one night I was on a bus. Only the driver and I were on the bus at the time. Suddenly I had a very strong feeling of fear. I did not know that it was the old forces that wanted to persecute me. I just continued to eliminate my fear and had the thought that I would be fine since I was Teacher's disciple and was a Dafa practitioner. On the road the bus was nearly in an accident. If I had not had righteous thoughts at that moment, the old forces would have succeeded. Compassionate Teacher gives his disciples a chance to rectify their mistakes but the old forces want to destroy the sentient beings, including some who have gone astray.

4. Face the Forced Labor Camp's Persecution with Righteous Thoughts

We started to do the three things Teacher has asked us to do. Since we did not cultivate diligently and we did not pay attention to safety, my husband was soon arrested. At that time I was eight months pregnant. I went to see the police to clarify the truth, but since I did not have enough righteous thoughts, I only visited the police once. I am still very regretful even now. My husband was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor. I went to the forced labor camp to see him immediately after our child was born.

Teacher said in "My Version of a 'Stick Wake-up:'"

"Did you know that when the persecution of your family members who have been imprisoned is lessened or stopped, it's the result of Dafa disciples exposing and shocking the evil beings while braving evil and danger to take action against the persecution? When they get out, how will you bear to face them? What have you done for them?"

I thought that I had to visit him every month, no matter how hard it was. At the same time, I could send forth righteous thoughts to the camp in close proximity to encourage my fellow practitioners and reduce the persecution. In the beginning, the police allowed us to meet face to face, although they monitored us closely. Two months later, a prison official talked to me first and intended to use me to "transform" my husband. I thought this was a good opportunity to clarify the truth. I told the them about the fabricated Self-Immolation incident in Tiananmen Square and about freedom of belief. I also told him that I should not interfere with my husband's beliefs. One of the other officials heard that and said, "If you talk like that, then you cannot see him today." Then he left.

Another camp official who argued with me when I had just started to clarify the truth said, "Let me make a phone call to see if you can visit him." Then he went out to make the phone call. I sat there and sent forth righteous thoughts the entire time to thoroughly deny the persecution. Soon I was allowed to see my husband, but later he was forced to give up his belief in Falun Gong. I knew that he could no longer endure the torture and that forsaking his belief was against his conscience. I was very pained. The CCP controlled him and twisted his truthful and compassionate nature, but I still visited him. I once told him to write a solemn statement to declare his "transformation" null and void. The police monitored our conversation and found it. After that they only allowed us to see each other through the glass and talk over the telephone. Teacher opened my wisdom. I told him that the global sending forth of righteous thoughts had added eliminating the evil spirit of communism. Another time when I went to visit my husband, the prison police told me that I was not allowed to see him. I said, "I will sue you if you do not allow me to see him. Why don't you allow me to see him? I am his wife and that is my right."

The prison officials said, "You have to answer a question. What is your understanding of Falun Gong?" I firmly said, "Why do I need to answer your questions? I am not the detainee here. Who gave you the right to ask me? In addition, your words about Falun Gong do not count. Nor did Jiang Zemin's. History will have the just opinion about good and bad." The official was very angry and said, "I will report you to your local 610 Office!" Then he hung up the phone. I still waited in the reception room and asked the officials to call the 610 Office. The Party secretary of the 610 Office answered the phone and said politely, "You can see him. You can see him as long as you do not talk about Falun Gong." I said, "I am his wife. I have the right and responsibility to care for him." From then on, I was always allowed to see my husband. Every time I went to the forced labor camp, I used it as a good opportunity to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity. Just as Teacher said, "By having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations." ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)" in Essentials for Further Advancement II) I understand that as long as we reinforce our sending forth righteous thoughts and ask Teacher to strengthen us, we should not be afraid of the evil.

5. My Understanding of Material Production Sites

The idea of establishing small-scale material production sites like "flowers blossoming everywhere" has been proposed for a long time. Under the severe environment in Mainland China, practitioners in many areas have already established many small-scale material sites and have created a good environment to save sentient beings. In my local area, however, many practitioners are still in a numb state and haven't even learned how to visit Dafa websites. I was also in this kind of numb status before. We relied on the few practitioners at the material site. They were so busy doing things or solving problems that they didn't even have time to study the Fa and practice the exercises. Whoever cannot assimilate with the Fa and rectify their loopholes will be taken advantage of by the old forces. Many practitioners' attachment to depending on them also let the evil focus on those practitioners. We already learned a few severe lessons in our area. If the evil persecuted our fellow practitioners, they also persecuted our whole body and persecuted the sentient beings. Let us all give up our attachments of fear, laziness, and depending on others and try our best to learn how to visit Dafa websites. It will be progress even if we can just read the everyday articles and news. Let us cultivate our righteous thoughts of being responsible to the Fa and be worthy of Teacher's compassionate salvation. Let us be true Dafa disciples in the Fa-Rectification period.

Thank you, Master, for your compassionate salvation. No words can express my great appreciation to our compassionate Teacher. The only way for me to justify Teacher's grace is to cultivate myself diligently on the path of Fa-Rectification cultivation.

October 17, 2008