Greetings Teacher!

Greetings fellow practitioners!

In my ten years of cultivation, especially during these nine years of persecution, I was able to walk along my path because of Teacher's protection. Today I would like to report to Teacher my understanding of Teacher's Fa on "Perfect Harmony", what it means during the Fa rectification period and share my understanding with fellow practitioners.

1. Harmonizing fellow practitioners

"Dafa is harmonizing you and you are also harmonizing Dafa." (Essentials for Further Advancement, The Fa Rectifies the Human Heart). I have enlightened to one thing from Teacher's lectures: We are protecting the Fa, validating the Fa and harmonizing the Fa whenever we do things according to the standards and requirements set forth by the Fa. The power of Dafa and mighty virtue projects from our bodies. At the same time, the Fa is transforming us at our origin, removing non-righteous aspects and enriching us with the best aspects from the new universe.

Dafa disciples are one body, and it is very important to harmonize with each other. This is not only a matter of whether an individual disciple can reach the standards for consummation. It also involves the elevation of the entire body of disciples, and our responsibility and mission of harmonizing with the Fa. When fellow practitioners are being persecuted, I enlightened to another level of "The next person's things are your things, and your things are his things." (Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference). I will use righteous thoughts to support other practitioners in order to harmonize with them, and help them clean out their fields so they can overcome the tribulation. An example is going to prisons holding Dafa practitioners, and sending righteous thoughts while in close proximity.

I also harmonize with fellow practitioners in their projects to validate the Fa. Why can the ocean hold hundreds of streams? It is because the ocean places itself at the lowest point. When I was sharing with a practitioner, he discussed about editing a truth clarification booklet for our region, but larger cities had yet to have truth clarification booklets. After I listened to him, I was touched and told him that it should be done. The practitioner asked me to support him by helping with the editing. I began to edit and proofread the truth clarification booklet according to the practitioner's requests and comparing to the Fa. This material was quickly published on Minghui, thus filling a blank space in our region's truth clarification efforts. Other practitioners also harmonized with this effort. For example, a few senior practitioners at the same group study I attend used to hand out very few truth clarification materials. After our region's truth clarification materials were created, they changed their prior conditions and were eager to help distribute these materials. The materials brought to group study were distributed very quickly. For myself, Teacher helped me remove many factors that sought to validate myself in the process of harmonizing with this project. My xinxing was elevated.

2. Harmonizing the one body

I enlightened that: A one body forms when everyone is doing the same thing, for example, when disciples are all doing the three things. This is harmonizing with the one body. There are many forms of hamonizing the one body. There is another kind of harmonizing with the one body using our actions.

With the advancement of Teacher's Fa rectification, practitioners in our area have enlightened to the effectiveness of sending righteous thoughts together nearby the evil hideouts to destroy the evil. Practitioners responsible for coordinating arranged a schedule. When I got the news, I took the initiative to harmonize with this action as part of the one body. I adjusted my work hours without affecting my work, and each week attended the morning session of sending righteous thoughts in close proximity several times a week. In the beginning, I had some attachments to fear and other negative thoughts surfaced, negatively affecting my righteous thoughts. In the process, I was continuously adjusting my own thoughts, and at the same time, sharing with fellow practitioners to find my own shortcomings, as well as some notions and attachments that I did not recognize before. I tried to correct myself from the pespective of the Fa. For example, the fear I thought I had let go of resurfaced while sending righteous thoughts close to the evil places. I found that it was rooted in "selfishness", in which I was protecting myself from not getting hurt. Once I found it, I tried to clear it away, and then I was able to righteously harmonize the one body and receive good results in sending righteous thoughts. I enlightened to the fact that harmonizing the one body was to elevate myself to reach a higher state, and to save even more sentient beings.

Teacher has said to look at Minghui on important issues. When I escaped from the labor camp in 2002, I read the Minghui Weekly. The articles on sharing and elevating as one body from fellow practitioners had given me lots of help and inspiration, especially when the articles were written with clear understandings of the Fa. I felt the way I felt after attending a Fahui before "July 20th" after reading each issue of Minghui Weekly. It was very helpful to me and my cultivation. I also came to understand that Minghui was the environment for mainland Chinese practitioners to share and learn from one another during this Fa rectification period. This was also to be harmonized and looked after by disciples. But I played the role of receiving without giving back to Minghui for several years. In the second half of 2003, I was asked by Minghui to write a sharing on my own persecution experience. I enlightened to the fact that I had to harmonize with this task, therefore I used my real name to expose the persecution I suffered at the labor camp. After a few years a fellow practitioner told me that he had given the article to his collegues to read, and used it as a truth clarification material. Only then did I know the article had been published. When I used my real name to write the article, I had no fear, only righteous thoughts.

I started regularly writing articles in order to harmonize with the Minghui website since the beginning of 2007. Up to now, I have sent in close to 20 articles and they all have been published. Some of them have even been republished by other Dafa websites. When an elderly practitioner in my area was captured just before the Olympics, I immediately collected information about him being crippled by persecution 8 years ago (it was never exposed) and sent it to Minghui. This elminated some evil and frightened the bad people. This was also the first time I treated another practitioners' things as my things.

During the first three Internet Experience Sharing Conference of China, I did not take action to harmonize with them because of mental blocks from my human notions. I felt regret. I participated in the Fourth conference, for by that time I had let go of many human notions and attachments. During the writing process with a heart to harmonize with the conference, I let go of many aspects of the human heart, such as validating myself, wanting to be published, and showing off, etc. Though the article was published on the website, it was not chosen for the conference. I saw the difference in levels between myself and those diligent practitioners. I was still far from the Dafa standard and requirement. When I saw the notification about writing sharing articles for the Fifth conference, I only had thoughts to harmonize with it through article submission. Teacher said "Fa conferences are grand gatherings of Dafa disciples, are good opportunities to help each other improve, and testify to [the power of] good Fa-study." (To the Australian Fa Conference).

3. Harmonizing the big picture

Teacher said,

"Also, at even higher levels the concept of wanting to achieve something doesn't exist, either. It's just a matter of the cosmos's choice. Everything I've been doing during the Fa-rectification and everything I want, to spell it out, are the choice of the future cosmos and the needs of the future cosmos. (Applause) So for the beings of the old cosmos, and this includes all the elements of beings, when it comes to the Fa-rectification and what I choose, all beings' harmonizing and completing things according to my choices and contributing their best ideas and approaches--not to change what I want, but to harmonize and complete things according to what I've said--is the best thought a being in the cosmos could have." (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

Being Dafa disciples in the Fa rectification period, we must recognize that Teacher is rectifying the Fa, and it's the most grand, the most important thing since the birth of the cosmos. Teacher wants to save every being in the cosmos, and that is the big picture. Dafa disciples during the Fa rectification period should harmonize with the big picture unconditionally. The different lectures Teacher has given at different periods are the progress of the Fa rectification at different points. Teacher's lectures reflect the changes in the cosmos. "Without human action happening under cosmic changes, such conditions would not have been brought to ordinary human society, and neither would they be called cosmic changes." (Zhuan Falun, Lecture Seven).

To help Teacher validate the Fa in the human realm, Dafa disciples must study the Fa well in order to keep up with the Fa rectification progress. Only through this can we harmonize accordingly to what Teacher says and chooses unconditionally. In these years I have tried to study the Fa well and hoped to catch up to Teacher's Fa rectification progress, and to harmonize unconditionally according to different Fa lectures at different time periods. Also I sent strong righteous thoughts against the evil in different places, realms, and all the other spaces within the three realms. After Teacher published "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil" on October 24, 2006, I added one more thought during sending righteous thoughts: To entirely dissolve all evil beings, situations and factors that are persecuting Dafa disciples in all labor camps and jails in China. Afterwards I enlightened to sending righteous thoughts in close proximity, so after work I would go to a jail detaining disciples in a downtown area at least twice a week. I would walk around the building and send righteous thoughts for a half an hour each time.

During the process of harmonizing the big picture, I have gradually come to realize that Dafa disciples need to clearly understand the Fa, continuously break away from human notions and walk away from being human in order to catch up to the Fa rectification progress. We can only harmonize with what Teacher has said and chosen when we use the righteous thoughts of Gods, and do well the three things Teacher has asked us to do. In that way, we can save more sentient beings, truly harmonize with the requirments of Dafa, and be entitled to the grandest glory of the cosmos as "Fa rectification period Dafa disciples."

Thank you Teacher!

Thank you fellow practitioners!

October 14, 2008