(Clearwisdom.net) In October 1997, I was ten years old and a fourth grader. One day, I opened my mother's copy of Zhuan Falun by accident and saw the portrait of Teacher. Since then I became a Falun Dafa practitioner. I usually went with my mom to the practice site. I followed Teacher's teaching: do not hit back when being hit, do not yell back when being yelled at. Although it was hard to bear when I was experiencing karma elimination, I pulled through. As a result, my body was purified and my mind elevated. I could feel the beauty and power of Falun Dafa. I am grateful for Teacher's guidance and protection. Falun Dafa has been rooted in my heart.

However, on July 20, 1999, the persecution suddenly started and evil deeds and lies were directed at us: a group of people who are trying to be good. Our Teacher was being smeared and many practitioners were suffering inhuman mistreatment. Having watched the smearing news programs on TV, I decided that we should tell people the truth. So I wrote a letter to the local police department and told them the truth about Falun Gong and I delivered it with another young practitioner to the police department. When we arrived at the foot of the stairs, my companion was overwhelmed by fear. I became fearful, too. But then I thought it was not right. So I told myself: "I am a practitioner. Teacher is protecting me. I am here to tell people the truth about Dafa. Police officers are just ordinary people, there is nothing to be afraid of." As I was having these thoughts, a warm current went through my whole body; my fear disappeared. I was surrounded by the feeling of being blessed. I knew that Teacher was encouraging me and I was very happy and touched.

So I just walked into the police department and my companion followed me right away. We placed the letter at the reception desk. I left with the hope that after they read my letter, they would not persecute us any more and let us practice as before.

And yet, not only did they ignore our letter, they interrogated us and asked our teachers to talk to us, to threaten and intimidate us. I talked to them calmly, but they still monitored me closely. For example, there would be slanderous questions about Dafa on my exam paper, which I refused to answer. All my teachers took turns working on me. When the school collected anti-Falun Dafa signatures, I did not sign and I also asked my friends not to sign. When my teacher asked me if I had signed it, I just told her, "No." Because I was very firm, the teachers tried different tactics to pressure me. Sometimes, they acted so vicious, as if they were controlled by evil forces. Although I felt scared and wronged, I still told the police and the teachers that I would continue to practice.

On the display board in a park, they posted newspaper articles and pictures smearing Falun Dafa. Because they were posted behind locked glass windows, I could not take them down. I just talked to the people in that area and clarified the facts.

The authorities have taken my mother into custody many times; she was sent to brainwashing centers, and forced labor camps. And yet my mother did not waver. Instead, we supported and encouraged each other and we became more mature and even more steadfast.

I had a lot of homework in high school. Although I was lazy in my cultivation for some time, as soon as I realized it, I put studying the Fa and practice as my top priority. I talked to my classmates to persuade them to withdraw from the CCP. During my last year of high school, even though I had a lot of studying to do and sometimes I had to stay up very late, I still remained energetic and my skin was radiant. My appearance demonstrated the power of Falun Dafa.

When I went to the university, I did not nearly have as much homework. But there were many distractions. I became lax in my Fa study, practice and truth-clarification efforts. Not until I stumbled, did I realize that I should not be attached to the filthy things in this ordinary society. I started to get up and do the exercises in the morning and seized every opportunity to persuade people to quit the CCP and measured myself with the standards of a Falun Dafa practitioners.

Soon after, I had a dream, where I saw a dark tunnel with no end in sight, filled with countless skeletons and skulls. They were running towards the other end of the tunnel with a blank face. It was a horrible scene. I felt very helpless and scared.

And yet, along the tunnel, on the side, there was a yellow wooden door, and some light came through it. I walked towards it and found the door not locked. I pushed it open and found a path filled with sunshine and warmth leading to a much brighter place. I was surrounded by the bright sunlight. I felt so blissful and warm, and peaceful. The very dark tunnel and the bright path were just separated by a wall. How come no one comes this way? Where did the dark tunnel lead to?

As I was thinking, I came to the deep end of a cave. There was no exit, just a pond filled with feces. I could see many people struggling or dying inside it. This was where the dark tunnel ended. At this time, someone in a white robe arrived. It was our Teacher. He was pointing to the pond and a white beam shone onto the pond. One guy came up following the white beam and vomited out many filthy things. Then with Teacher lowering his finger, the person landed on the bank. Then he woke up and that person was me. I realized that Teacher had saved me.

I know Teacher saved me from the muddy pond. I sat in front of Teacher and made a vow to him that I would advance more diligently. He took me away from this filthy place. He was wearing a white gown and looked majestic. I was following him, walking on a broad and vast land, feeling very warm and secure.

At this time, the sun rose and it was very bright everywhere.

When I woke up, I realized that the dark tunnel was how the old forces tried to destroy people. What Teacher arranged for us is the one that is bright. I walked on the path of the old forces and it was Teacher who saved me from it. I regretted what I did and I was very touched, too. Teacher really saved me from hell. Teacher treasured me more than I did myself.

I tried very hard to do the three things well and joined a Fa study group. Realizing that this is the end of the Fa-rectification, I need all the more to cultivate away my selfishness and save sentient beings.

I am grateful that I became a Dafa practitioner when I was ten. Teacher and Dafa have been rooted in my heart. It has been 11 years. In the past 11 years, when I was attached to human things, Teacher always gave me hints to remind me. I realize that Teacher is always encouraging me.

I am 21 years old now. I will do my best to fulfill my vows and assist Teacher to rectify the Fa.

Best wishes to all my fellow practitioners for a successful experience sharing conference. Heshi.