(Clearwisdom.net) Let me tell a story about practicing the exercises in the morning. I do not want to talk about how well I have done but instead, I want to stress how much our benevolent Master worries about all his disciples!

I have cultivated for over ten years. I can say that I have progressed quite well in practicing the exercises, and I have benefited tremendously. I always feel energetic and do not feel sleepy when doing the three things. Many times, when I cannot finish Dafa related work in the daytime, I always cut short my sleeping time to finish the work, so I can say that I am a person who does not sleep much.

Sometimes when we share our cultivation experiences and understandings, a fellow practitioner would state that after he finished doing the three things every day he often felt sleepy and want to sleep a little longer. As a result, he sometimes missed the morning practice. He asked me if I was like that. I replied, "I am not like that. It seems that sleepiness has nothing to do with me and I just do not feel sleepy." The fellow practitioner responded, "That is great. So you have more time to do the Fa-validation work." I replied, "Yes, it is indeed the case."

The fellow practitioner again asked me, "Don't you need to sleep?" I replied, "I do. I start to sleep after finishing sending righteous thoughts at midnight and I get up in the morning before the morning practice starts. So I sleep three hours a day. From the beginning of my cultivation to the present, I have not taken any naps in the afternoon." He asked, "Do you have any secret?" I replied, "Yes, I do have. That is, I persist in practicing the exercises just like my studying the Fa every day. I have not stopped practicing even for one day. The exercises are a part of the Fa, it is The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa. Even though on several occasions I almost missed the morning practice, I did not because benevolent Master woke me up."

I then told the fellow practitioner my story. I will not talk about the incidents that had happened a long time ago. Let me just tell you about the most recent incident. At 3:40 a.m. on November 8, I heard someone call my name loudly. I woke up and I thought that it was my wife who was calling me. I opened the door to her room and asked her what she wanted but I saw her still sound asleep. I saw that it was exactly 3:40 a.m. I immediately understood that it was time to do the morning practice. I had been busy all day long in preparing and distributing truth-clarification materials. In the evening after I finished reading the Minghui website articles of that day, I wrote an article for awhile and then it was time to send forth righteous thoughts at midnight. After that I went to bed. I slept very deeply and I also had dreams. It was benevolent Master who woke me up and did not want me to miss the morning practice.

So I got up, washed my face and started the morning practice. At that time, I could feel that my dimensional fields were very peaceful, full of compassion, harmony and with powerful energy. My body was light and I felt very comfortable and wondrous. This was really, "Words cannot describe its beauty and wonder, its every hue and color so glorious, dazzle the eye." ("Falun World" in Hong Yin) At that time, I truly realized that the morning practice can purify my body, my dimensional field and strengthen the various mechanisms that Master has planted in me. It also seems that I can emit Gong and energy to benevolently save the numerous sentient beings that are still in a maze.

November 11, 2008