(Clearwisdom.net) When I wrote experience sharing articles in the past, I used to sign with our local district name. When my articles were published, it intensified my attachment. I would search for my articles with our local district name and tried to find how many of my articles have been published, unknowingly developing the attachment of elation. When Minghui Weekly chose my article and other practitioners read the article, they would ask me whether it was my article since it sounded the way I talk. That stirred up my attachment of showing off. Because of my attachments, I was interfered with by the evil forces for a long time. With Master's protection, I was able to find my attachments in time to avoid further damage.

After that I began to sign my articles with Mainland Dafa practitioner, avoiding even the province name, to help me get rid of this attachment. Because Minghui published many of my articles, I began discuss the things I wrote in my articles when we shared experiences. I noticed many other practitioners did the same. Whenever we discuss a certain matter, I would say I did it this and that way. The main purpose was to show off how well I did. When other practitioners later exchanged experiences, they also mentioned who did it that way, and directly named the practitioners. This caused safety loop holes. Lately we have suffered enormous damage because we did not cultivate our speech at the Fa conference. Even family members who are not cultivators knew everything about everyone. The evil forces took advantage of the loop hole, affected numerous practitioners, and many have been illegally fined or sent to labor camp.

Nowadays, when I exchange experiences, even if it is my own experience, I begin with, "I know a certain practitioner who..." That way when others discussed the matter, they still mentioned there was this one practitioner... When I run into problems and am confused and need other practitioners help, I still begin with, "I met this fellow practitioner, he ran into this trouble, what do you all think we should have done?" This is not just an issue of speech cultivation; it is a way to eliminate selfishness. Particularly for coordinators, they need to pay close attention to their way of speech and the way they carry out their tasks, and truly think of what is best for the group, for fellow practitioners and leave a good example for all.

Stop the self inflation to avoid any damage, truly take responsibility for the Fa, for fellow practitioners and for ourselves, and create a pure and upright cultivation environment.

Practitioners who send in articles may create a pen-name known only by themselves.