(Clearwisdom.net) I suffered from chronic dizziness for several decades before practicing Falun Gong. After six months of practicing, I was at a Falun Gong exercise site one day and, within a twinkling of an eye, the dizziness disappeared. Moreover, I saw with my Celestial Eye (Third Eye) the whole process of the illness being removed and also heard the sound of it being removed. From that moment, I never felt dizzy again. Wasn't it supernormal? Though it happened twelve years ago, the whole process of my condition being removed is worth reviewing.

In my twenties, I felt dizzy constantly. I was told that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome while I was in the hospital receiving medical treatment. That is to say, no specific disease was found after the examination. As time went on, the dizziness got worse. I couldn't read and my memory was extremely poor. Medicine was of no help. I tried acupuncture therapy, but gained only temporary relief. My symptoms returned when I walked out of the acupuncture room. I couldn't escape the illness. Over thirty years passed in an instant. One day in 1995, I suddenly began leaning over to my left while walking. This showed that my disease was getting worse. Immediately, I went to the main hospital in my area to have an electroencephalogram and other examinations, but the diagnostic report showed that everything was normal (there were no CT or Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans at that time). I felt that I must have a serious disease, but the doctors said I did not have any illness. I did not know what I should I do. I also suffered from thyroid disease, which contributed to my fatigue. I did not even have the strength to wring the towel while washing my face and I was intolerant of cold temperatures. After medical treatment in the hospital, I maintained my health by taking hypothyroid medication, which I was told I needed to take for the rest of my life.

Time passed, and I was soon given a most wonderful opportunity. At the end of 1995, a person asked me suddenly, "I have the VCD of the Falun Gong exercise instructions. Do you want to take a look?" I immediately replied, "Yes." I took the VCD back home and made a copy. I started to practice according to the instructions. I learned very fast. When I returned the VCD, she said, "I have a book called China Falun Gong, but only one copy. Everyone is waiting in line for a turn to read it. Do you want to read it?" I immediately replied, "Yes." I read it once very fast, then returned the book to her. Though I had already learned how to practice the exercises, I didn't continue. I realize now that I had compromised my predestined relationship with Dafa at that time, but I didn't know how to cherish Dafa.

My wife retired early for health reasons. She spent every day just sitting in the park, hoping that fresh air would help to improve her physical state. She searched for various kinds of qigong methods to heal her illnesses: she studied one practice today and another tomorrow, but failed to find any practice that could help her. Though she knew that I was studying and practicing Falun Gong, it was so strange that she just didn't ask me what I was practicing and reading. It's also strange that I didn't just go ahead and tell her about the practice. Later she criticized me, asking why I didn't tell her and said that I was selfish. She started to practice Falun Gong at the practice site in the park half a year later. Now I understand that a person's path on the road of cultivation is not that simple.

It was March 19, 1996 when I truly started to practice Dafa. This was the day that I was reborn. On March 18, a stranger knocked at my door. When I opened the door, he asked me immediately, "Are you so-and-so?" I replied, "Yes." Then he said without taking a breath, "You don't know me. I went to several places before I found you here. I've heard that you are practicing Falun Gong. There are ten to twenty people who practice at their homes in our city. Now we want to practice together. We will meet somewhere soon to study together. Would you like to join us?" I said, "I know about the exercises, but I don't practice. But just because of your generosity and the efforts you have made in looking for me, I will start practicing tomorrow!"

On the morning of March 19, I started to practice Falun Gong in a nearby park. The moment when I decided to practice Falun Gong, a thought surfaced: "A practitioner is free of illness." This thought was very firm. It was the only impression in my mind after I read the book China Falun Gong. I stopped taking medicine that day. After about one month, I asked my physician, "Is it okay if I stop taking hypothyroid medication suddenly?" The physician said, "You want to stop it?! Your heart can't tolerate it!" I thought to myself: I stopped it more than one month ago. I felt very good, even better than when I took medicine. When I was in the hospital, the examination showed that I had pericardial effusion. After I left the hospital, I felt severe constriction in my chest. However, after I started to practice Falun Gong and stopped taking medicine, this sensation completely disappeared. At that time, I practiced the first four sets of exercises every morning at the practice site. I had no Dafa book to read and there weren't any group activities where I could share with fellow practitioners. I knew nothing about the cultivation of xinxing. It wasn't until half a year later that I started to do the fifth exercise, but only in the half-lotus position.

The dizziness had not lessened at this point. About one month after I started practiced the exercises, I suddenly felt dizzy - more intensely than before. I lay in bed, looking up at the ceiling, which appeared to be swirling. I never regarded the dizziness as illness; that thought never entered into my mind and I did not behave as if I was ill. Therefore, I didn't tell anyone about what I was experiencing. I kept on working and doing housework and never thought of going to the hospital for an evaluation. Nobody could tell I was dizzy. The dizziness lasted for three days before subsiding.

Another month passed and I began feeling dizzier than even before. I felt uncomfortable all over and I had lost my appetite. This episode lasted three days again before remitting.

On August 23, I felt very dizzy - more than I ever had during the previous episodes. As soon as I got up in the morning, I felt dizzy. I couldn't even stand still and was about to stumble. I couldn't walk. I said to my wife, "I feel dizzy and can't stand still. Please go to practice in the park yourself." There were not many practitioners at that time. There was only one practice site in the whole city. After she left for a while, I felt that I could stand still. Then I went to a nearby park to practice the exercises by myself.

The next morning my wife and I went to the park to join in the group practice. At that time I was strict with myself and never opened my eyes while practicing the exercises. When I was doing Fuqian Baolun (second posture, Falun Standing Stance: Holding the Wheel in front of the Lower Abdomen) for less than one minute, a supernormal scene appeared: I saw with my Celestial Eye two 70-cm-long sticks, which appeared ten meters above my head and displayed in the shape of "八". The upper part of the sticks were thick and the lower part thin. They were gray in color and looked like the sticks for a small drum. They fell down fast and straight towards my head. I saw every image left by the sticks while they were penetrating into my head. When the sticks were close to my head, I saw a ring clearly shown 3-4cm below the sticks. The ring was about 1-2cm in width and darker than the color of the sticks. I had no feeling at all while the two sticks penetrated into my head. The moment they penetrated into my head, I observed that two sections from my left and right hemispheres (5 x 2 cm in size) opened up to a 45° degree angle simultaneously. Then, they immediately closed back up and I heard a very loud sound: "Click." I thought everyone around me must have heard it. When I opened my eyes, it was very quiet. I went on with the exercises, did my work and had lunch. I told my family about this while having lunch.

Later during Fa study, when I recalled the process of the karma removal, I enlightened to the following understandings:

  1. To have large amounts of karma removed, our xinxing has to reach the required standard and there cannot be one bit of deviation;

  2. Matter has different manifestations in different dimensions;

  3. The root of the disease does not exist in this dimension;

  4. I saw the process of removing the karma with my eyes closed, but it was very clear. I saw it through my Celestial Eye. These experiences showed me the supernormal power of Dafa.

October 16, 2008