(Clearwisdom.net) NTDTV broadcasts through the W5 satellite have been suspended for almost four months. A big round of arrests of practitioners afterwards made us less concerned about this event. It has been delayed for such a long time that we have incurred great losses. Recently, several practitioners concerned about NTDTV in our area have shared their understandings on this matter. Now, we would like to share with other fellow practitioners.

I think the foremost reason for this is that fellow practitioners in China didn't emphasize the importance of installing NTDTV satellite dishes.

The main reason is that fellow practitioners in China failed to catch up with the Fa-rectification's progress. Many practitioners are afraid but fear is not easily noticed by others. For instance, everyone went out to distribute fliers to clarify the truth and only one person didn't. Maybe that person's fear was easily noticed under such circumstances, and he could see the gap between other practitioners and himself. Therefore, other practitioner's "fields" can urge one to be more diligent.

Moreover, "clarifying the truth" or not clarifying the truth is the same as either saying yes or no and it is the dividing line between a Dafa disciple and an everyday person. Someone said, "You can't become a Dafa disciple if you don't clarify the truth," and many fellow practitioners immediately became alert after this.

Many say, "Go out and clarify the truth immediately, otherwise we cannot be Dafa disciples." But some practitioners didn't install satellite dishes to promote NTDTV.

Some fellow practitioners had latent thoughts: I just did not focus on this matter, which will not prevent me from being a Dafa disciple. Doing more or less will not prevent me from being a Dafa disciple. Some fellow practitioners cultivated slowly in this respect, holding on to this attachment for a long time. Then, the evil caught them off guard.

Sometimes, we only persuade people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It seems to us that we have nothing to do after that step. Actually, Chinese people who have been brainwashed by the evil CCP for a long time are still being brainwashed all the time while being exposed to the evil CCP's propaganda. Ordinary people's thinking is not steady and may relapse later. If we don't persist in clarifying the truth to them over the long term, they might be deceived again by the CCP. Sometimes we don't have enough time, so for them to watch NTDTV will be the best choice for them receive the truth continually

In history, many cases show that it's easy for a dynasty to defeat another nation, but it's not easy for them to truly conquer the people of that nation. They have to assimilate to that culture in order for them to create a new culture. The evil CCP has just grasped this rule. They eliminated the traditional Chinese culture first then indoctrinated the Chinese people with their evil logic. Then people lost their conscience and judgment, allowing for the CCP to rule as long as they have. Today, we are eliminating the evil party culture. We are required to clarify the truth every day and keep up with this all the time. The best way to follow up with this is with NTDTV.

Some fellow practitioners regard the NTDTV project as their own. They always try to ask more practitioners to participate in installing satellite dishes. However, other practitioners haven't done that for the time being causing the practitioners in charge of the NTDTV project to feel isolated.

In such a case, many of them got worried and even complained to fellow practitioners because they thought other practitioners didn't show much concern about NTDTV. This situation has formed a barrier among practitioners.

Some fellow practitioners said that they developed an attachment to NTDTV's programs and watched them with a great deal of interest. It is all right to get some information for clarifying the truth but some fellow practitioners became attached to TV dramas and other programs.

Some fellow practitioners developed a sentimental mindset towards NTDTV. In China, the CCP's voice is everywhere. Under such circumstances, we feel very comfortable whenever we hear favorable words. Moreover, we know it is done by practitioners, so we especially like it.

Actually, NTDTV programs are designed for ordinary people. Overseas practitioners are walking on their own path in validating the Fa. We just coordinate with overseas fellow practitioners by introducing NTDTV to people in China. It is our tool in ordinary society. It is completely different from Dafa websites and the Minghui website. NTDTV is a media station for everyday people.

Many fellow practitioners started to install satellite dishes for NTDAPT (New Tang Dynasty Asia Pacific Television). I think we cannot just wait and watch for changes. We should promote NTDAPT first. When W5 recovers, we may broadcast two channels together because their programs will be different. We cannot stop sending forth righteous thoughts for W5, otherwise it is the same as trying to escape our problems. Some fellow practitioners have shown much concern over this issue and are still looking for external changes. Human beings have no ability to decide the success or failure of one thing and they can only hope for changes to occur.

However, we are different because we are practitioners. We have the absolute ability to decide the trend of this matter. The only requirement is that we have to cultivate well and assimilate to Dafa. We are omnipotent if we can do everything based on Dafa.

This is a one-body issue, and no one should exclude himself from it. Every practitioner in China should improve on this issue. Such serious interference could have occurred because a large portion of practitioners didn't cultivate well in this regard.