(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioners in Anqiu City including Ms. Wang Haiqing, Ms. Li Mingxia and Ms. Lin Shuzhen were sentenced in Anqiu City Court on October 8, 2008. Ms. Wang Haiqing was sentenced to 12 years, Ms. Li Mingxia 11 years and Ms. Lin Shuzhen 10 years.

The severe torture that she was subjected to caused Ms. Wang Haiqing to completely lose feeling in her legs. She can no longer stand or sit and has to lay down all the time. Due to being paralyzed from the lower back down, she can no longer control her bladder, yet she continued her hunger strike to protest the persecution. On September 23, the city court held a hearing, Ms. Wang Haiqing was carried to the court.

On May 12, 2008, at about 11 a.m, Ms. Wang Haiqing (45 years old) and Ms. Lin Shuzhen (40 years old), Ms. Li Mingxia (50 years old), as well as a total of six other practitioners were illegally arrested by Li Shenghua from the Anqiu City Police Department Domestic Security Division. Dong Linfang from the Chenbei Police Station participated along with several other policemen. After being brutally abused and arrested they were locked up at the Anqiu Detention Center. Ms. Wang Haiqing was severely beaten up by Dong Linfang. Dong harassed Ms. Wang, "I don't believe that I can't fix you." As a result of the brutal beating, Ms. Wang suffered internal injuries to her abdominal area, causing her to become incontinent and to suffer great pain.

Mr. Wang Qinhai was illegally arrested and is being held at the Anqiu Detention Center. The guards forced him to sit in a iron chair for 4 to 5 days, even though he was suffering from incontinence. Ms. Li Mingxia and Ms. Lin Shuzhen were detained at another detention center outside of Anqiu City.

Practitioners Mr. Wang Peizhi and Mr. Li Zhiguang are father and son-in-law. Both of them were transferred from Anqiu Detention Center to Jinan Men's Prison and sentenced to 10 years. On March 1, 2008, around 8 a.m., Mr. Wang Peizhi was at his daughter, Ms. Wang Xiaomin's, home. Suddenly, more than 20 policemen from Anqu City Domestic Security Division, Liujiarao Police Station and Jiage Police Station, broke into the house and arrested Mr. Wang using brutal force. Having complete strangers bursting into their home and witnessing the brutality of the attack on his grandfather, Ms. Wang's 8-year-old son was completely traumatized, shaking violently and crying loudly. The policemen ransacked their house, stealing their personal belongings such as a computer, TV and video player. At the same time, they also arrested Ms. Wang's husband Mr. Li Zhiguang while he was at his workplace, the power plant.

The Anqiu City Court has sentenced many Falun Gong practitioners. The other practitioners who were also given heavy sentences are Mr. Gao Hongjie (12 years), Mr. Liu Qingmei (12 years), Ms. Li Airong (10 years), Ms. Zhang Zhenfang (7 years), Mr. Li Mingwei (7 years), Mr. Lou Guoyun (2 years), Mr. Dong Zhaocai (7 years), Mr. Dong Zhaosheng (7 years), Mr. Guo Jianying (7 years), and Ms. Li Xiuzhen who was sentenced by Changle Court to 7 years.

Other than these unlawful deeds, the Anqiu City Court is also breaking apart practitioners' families by making extremely unfair decisions in divorce cases. For example, Anqiu Court accepted Mr. Jiang Dianyou's unreasonable request to divorce his wife, practitioner Ms. Guo Jianying. This case is pending and will soon have a court hearing.

In 2008, from January 1 to August 24, Anqiu City police have illegally arrested 42 practitioners. Here is a list of their names: Mr. Tian Xuekun, Ms. Han Meiqin, Mr. Sun Yeqing, Ms. Li Xiuzhi, Ms. Wang Xiuyun, Ms. Tian Shuzhen, Ms. Jiang Guixiu, Mr. Wang Peizhi, Mr. Wang Xiaomin, Mr. Li Zhiguang, Mr. Li Rendong, Ms. Liu Qingmei, Ms. Sun Guifeng, Mr. Chu Junhong, Mr. Lei Shengliang, Ms. Ren Hongmei, Ms. Shen Limei, Ms. Zhang Lihua, Ms. Cao Jinhua, Ms. Cao Hongguang, Ms. Xin Limei, Mr. Li Huanwu, Mr. Zhao Fengmei, Ms. Ma Aiyu, Mr. Song Zhenguang, Ms. Su Baoli, Ms. Liu Xiaoyan, Ms. Zhang Zhenfang, Ms. Wu Na, Ms. Liu Xiumei, Ms. Li Yinglian, Ms. Lin Shuzhen, Ms. Yin Hongmei, Mr. Wang Haiqing, Mr. Ding Rizhao, Ms. Li Mingxia, and a few more practitioners whose names still need to be confirmed.

List of the officers in charge of these cases:

Dong Linfang, policeman at the Anqiu City Chenbei Police Station: 86-536-4362817 (office)
Li Shenghua, male, born in 1963, policeman from the Anqiu City Police Department. During the past 9 years he has actively persecuted many Falun Gong practitioners. In order to raise his job status, he has even claimed that he would bury Falun Gong practitioners alive. Contact: 86-536-4383927 (Office) 86-13153632267 (Cell)

Song Yunqing, male, born in 1961, Deputy Director of the Anqu City Police Department, from Qingzhou City, Shandong Province. He has been directly in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. He has also personally participated in beating up practitioners. He is one of the main policemen who is overseeing and is directly involved in persecution in Anqiu City. Contact: 86-536-4383905 (Office), 86-536-4266618 (Home), 86-13706469257 (Cell)

Mr. Zhang Yuanting, of the Anqiu City Detention Center. He is the deputy head, and he is also a prison doctor. After the CCP started the persecution 9 years ago, he has been routinely force-feeding practitioners. Contact: 86-536-4261032 (Home)

Mr. Sheng Wanbo, head of the Anqiu City Police Department, male, born in 1959 in Shouguang City, Shandong Province. After he transferred to Anqiu City to be the county police head, he was very active in the persecution. Contact: 86-536-5228226 (Home) 86-13806362866 (Cell)

Cheng Shuqing, Deputy Political Commissar, male, born in 1963, from Anqiu City, Shandong Province. He is also actively involved in the persecution. One time he shouted out, "I don't believe that I can't handle just a few Falun Gong practitioners." Contact: 86-536-438912 (Office), 86-536-4262329 (Home), 86-13805362668 (Cell)

Dou Jinguang, the Anqiu City Police Department Political Commissar, born in 1962, from Zhucheng City, Shandong Province. Contact: 86-536-4383902 (Office), 86-536-4262658 (Home), 86-13706461968 (Cell)

Liu Cunliang, the Head of Anqiu City Detention Center. 86-536-4262953(Office)

Ren Haiyan. From January 2007 when he was the head of Anqiu City Politics and Law Committee, he started to actively persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

Zhang Xingchen, head of the Domestic Security Division. Contact: 86-536-4383927(Office)

Wang Ziqing, the head of Anqiu 610 Office. Contact: 86-536-4396617 (Office), 86-536-4228659 (Home), 86-13963631535 (Cell)