I became a Dafa practitioner in 2003. Even though I have not been taking part in Fa-rectification for a long time, I feel deeply that Teacher helps and guides me so that I have been able to walk every step well, break through every barrier and every tribulation, cultivate well, always look within, and do well the three things. Teacher's Dafa keeps everything of mine on the right track.

Helping a little fellow practitioner

Since my son's birth in 1999, he has been rather weak physically. I used to take him to the hospital for treatments including injections. He was lucky enough to become a Dafa practitioner before he was even five years old. Because he was so young, my wife and I always had to read him the Fa. Later on, we were able to get a valuable recorded copy of Teacher's Fa Teachings in Jinan City, and we always let our boy listen to the Fa. After having listened for some time, he improved.

In cultivation there are tribulations for sure. What our son went through early on was sickness karma. When he encountered extremely tough episodes, we suggested that he ask Teacher to strengthen his resolve. One time when he was unable to eliminate a particularly painful sickness karma that had lasted a long time, he said helplessly, "Dad, Mom, I've already begged Teacher, but it's not working!" Hearing this, we realized that he still lacked complete confidence in Teacher, that he was overly relying on Teacher, and that there was also an evil interfering element. So I said, "Teacher will take care of you. This is evil interference making you doubt Teacher and Dafa. We don't acknowledge it. We should negate it! You don't need to always rely on Teacher, as you're a Dafa disciple. You're a divine being, too! We will send forth righteous thoughts with you to eliminate it." With us guiding our son in the principles of Dafa in addition to sending forth righteous thoughts, he was able to overcome tribulations rapidly. Since then, he has never again doubted Dafa.

Sometimes a child's tribulation is also for the parents. One time, my nephew pushed our son off a bed, and he hit his head on the concrete floor. He was unable to get up from his bed without throwing up, a typical symptom of a concussion. Three days later, his condition had not changed. My wife cried silently, revealing a human mindset, and my family urged me to take him to the doctor.

First I conferred with our son, making sure that he definitely believed in Teacher and trusted Dafa. I also asked my wife and mother to let go of this human mindset and diligently study the Fa. The next thing I did was to invite other local practitioners to come and share their insight with my wife and mother, and to send forth righteous thoughts with us. Through the experience sharing, my wife and mother's minds stabilized, and we sent forth righteous thoughts together as a group, which had great force. Sending forth righteous thoughts only one time cured our son so that he was able to run and jump around outside again. The vomiting and dizziness just suddenly disappeared!

A week later, he went back to school to take an exam. His test score was excellent even though he had missed classes for a week. In the process, what we lost was a human mindset and what we gained was a higher xinxing level and greater mighty virtue, and what manifested was Teacher's enormous kindness and compassion.

Our son studies the Fa in the morning and sends forth righteous thoughts with us both in the morning and at night, while the Falun Gong exercises are generally done in the morning. As he has grown older, he has begun to do some truth clarification and has tried to persuade people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. He is able to do some truth clarification with adults. This summer, I had an opportunity to study Teacher's new lectures published after July 20, 1999 with him, and he came to understand more Fa principles and terms such as "Dafa disciples of the Fa-rectification period," the "three things" Dafa practitioners should do, what the old forces are, and how to send forth righteous thoughts.

We are guiding our son on the path of Fa-rectification cultivation practice. As far as studying the Fa well, helping him do well the three things, and guiding him to look within himself when problems arise, my wife and I make sure to raise the level of our xinxing as well as his, based on the Fa's principles.

Clarifying the truth far and wide, exposing the evil, and rescuing a fellow practitioner

Last year, a local practitioner was reported and falsely accused. The practitioner was arrested and taken to the local detention center, where the 610 Office took over the case.

After hearing the news, another practitioner went straight to the police station to try to secure the release of the arrested practitioner. Some police officers at the station appeared to be quite hostile. In the evening, all the local practitioners gathered to briefly review Teacher's comments on a practitioner's article. Then, we began collecting phone numbers along with relevant information on the people responsible for the arrest, so that practitioners could get on the Internet with sufficient data to transmit to the Minghui website. We hoped that overseas practitioners would be able to lend help and that others could go to the police station and detention center and demand the release of the arrested practitioner. Then we began sending forth righteous thoughts, disintegrating evil factors in other dimensions.

The very next day, the attitude of the policemen in charge changed, saying that they supported Falun Gong and respected the phone calls from overseas.

We strongly believe that as long as we abide by what Teacher says, everything will always be resolved. In the next few days, aside from studying the Fa, practitioners concentrated on sending forth strong righteous thoughts. In the evenings I would have discussions with the practitioner in charge of securing the release of the detained practitioner, so that we could focus sending forth righteous thoughts. A week later, the arrested practitioner was released and returned home.

Each of us participating in the rescue effort had the same feeling:

"Disciples' righteous thoughts are strong

Master has the power to turn the tide"

("Master-Disciple Grace" from Hong Yin II)

Although it's important for the persecuted practitioner to have strong righteous thoughts, it's equally important for the local practitioners to do the same. When we do things well as one body, there is no doubt that we can swiftly eliminate the evil, disintegrate the persecution, and have fellow practitioners be rescued.

Since then, we haven't been passive in dealing with persecution. As soon as evil appears, we eliminate it at once, and we approach the personnel involved with truth clarification in hopes of saving them. During the Olympics, street offices arranged for people to monitor Dafa practitioners. We would send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements behind them and give them truth clarifying materials or even talk to them in person. Fellow practitioners did what they should. They distributed truth clarifying materials, encouraged withdrawals from the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and told people the facts without problems. We experienced no security problems at all.


Without Teacher's grand compassion, there would be nothing for the future. Likewise, I would not have anything renewed in my life. I shall cultivate away everything that is incorrect, and I shall unconditionally assimilate to Teacher's Dafa.

Thank you, benevolent Teacher!

Heshi from your disciple!