(Clearwisdom.net) In Mainland China, each time I watch the grand performance of the Divine Land Marching Band overseas, I am deeply moved. I let myself dissolve into each note and experience the mystery of Fa music. I also feel the seamless unity among overseas practitioners. The matching uniforms, tight formations, pure music, and mighty virtue combine into a unified whole that can move both the heavens and the human world.

This unity among the musicians of the Divine Land Marching Band can help us learn to act as one. Most importantly, we must thoroughly let go of any attachment to self or to the intention of validating oneself. Every note is one part of a harmony. If one musician tries to stand out from the others, the performance will immediately turn into disharmony. That will negatively impact the goal of eliminating the evil and saving sentient beings.

The conductor of the band is actually a coordinator. For each musician, it is very important to work with the conductor. Without the conductor, the musicians will not be a band. Each musician possesses a high degree of skill; there is no question about that. But without the conductor, they are no more than a disconnected group. A good musician must work closely with the conductor and take the interests of the entire band into account; the parts must work together as a whole to have the greatest possible impact.

In validating the Fa, we need to work together and improve as a unified whole. Every practitioner must be absolutely selfless. Some projects definitely need a coordinator. The coordinator is also a practitioner and has attachments that other practitioners can see. But we cannot focus on other practitioners' attachments. True cultivation means cultivating ourselves. We should compassionately point out fellow practitioners' shortcomings so we can achieve righteous thoughts and actions and elevate our xinxing. We cannot ignore our responsibilities as parts of the whole. Whether we have the role of coordinator or practitioner, giving top priority to the salvation of sentient beings will allow conflicts to dissolve and disturbances to vanish.

Sometimes I act as a conductor and other times as a musician. But these are only the different roles I play in the human world. I have always been a particle in Falun Dafa, and validating the Fa and saving sentient beings are my whole life.

October 29, 2008