(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I feel that more and more people are awakening. Today I met Mr. Chen, a tourist from Guangdong Province, China, at the Quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Assistance Center. With help of special software designed to circumvent China's internet blockade, Mr. Chen often visits the Epoch Times website in China, so he clearly understands the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa and the true nature of the CCP. He also mentioned that he admires Master, Falun Dafa, and practitioners. He confidently said, "The CCP will surely end next year! The future of China depends on Falun Gong." He continued, "I support Mr Li Hongzhi to be the [future] President of China!" His words made practitioners laugh and his "vote" laid a good foundation for his future. We told him that Master Li and practitioners have no interest in political power, and that Gods will arrange for people with great virtue and ability to rule the country. Even though he had never joined any CCP organization and did not need to withdraw from the Party, practitioners told him, "It is not enough if you just understand the truth. Many people still don't know the truth. You should tell your family members and friends the facts that you know. If you can help other people quit the CCP, you are doing the best thing and will accumulate a lot of good karma." He said, "No problem. I will surely help you."

After a while, Mr. Chen came back and gave us a list of names that he had collected of people that wanted to withdraw from the CCP. As it turned out, he easily found a place to call China and helped six of his family members to quit the CCP, including his son, his brother, his sister, and his sister-in-law. Three of them were CCP members while the other three were members of the Young Pioneers. We were all happy for him. In tears, one practitioner said to a new practitioner who had come to distribute the Epoch Times newspaper and participate in a variety of other truth-clarification activities, "Even non-practitioners are taking action now, so we should do even better. This is our real mission."

We often run into people who are clearheaded and understand the truth about the persecution, the crimes of the CCP, and Falun Dafa. However, there are some who still do not understand the truth of Dafa. But after they talk to practitioners, they become clear on the issue. We also meet people who told us that they have already quit the CCP.

When we clarify the truth, we also find that those people who understand the truth and can easily agree to quit the CCP are those that have read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Master keeps telling us the importance of spreading the Nine Commentaries.

Clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings are the most important things to do now. Master has said if we didn't need to clarify the truth, our cultivation would have finished long ago. Fellow practitioners, let's use our weekends and times when we are not working as opportunities to save sentient beings.

October 22, 2008