1. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Xiulan was Brutally Tortured for 10 Hours

On November 2, 2007, Ms. Zhang Xiulan was arrested by local police. The National Security Team in Songyuan City and security agents from the 610 Office Ma Hongzhe and Zhang Yingbiao brutally tortured Ms. Zhang Xiulan for as long as 10 hours. The torture methods included force-feeding her with horseradish concentrate, hanging her up and covering her head with a plastic bag. Ms. Zhang was tortured until unconscious, then abruptly revived with a dousing of cold water. After Ms. Zhang woke up, they attempted to force her to sign a statement to renounce Falun Dafa. Ms. Zhang Xiulan refused.

Many practitioners including Mr. Dong Fengshan, Mr. Xu Yangang, Mr. Li Sheng, Ms. Xu Fengqin, Mr. Ma Shijie and Ms. Yang Mei, suffered similar unbearable torture. Ms. Yang Mei developed tuberculosis due to the torture. These practitioners were "tried" at the end of June. In August, they were illegally sentenced to prison. The longest prison term is 9 years.

2. Non-Practitioners Mr. Jiang Lishen and His Wife Ms. Liu Yanhui were Persecuted

Mr. Jiang Lishen and his wife Ms. Liu Yanhui were arrested by the police because they were the owners of a building where a Falun Gong materials production site was located. In court, the judge asked the landlords to sign the lawsuit documents they had prepared. They were sentenced to 8 years in prison groundlessly. They have one teenage child who is a senior in a junior high school.

3. Practitioner Wu Gui was Tortured to Skin and Bones

Practitioner Wu Gui, 58, was arrested on May 28, 2008. She is held at the Shanyou Detention Center. Ms. Wu Gui is in an emaciated condition due to the persecution. She lost her hearing in both ears.

Ms. Fu Lihong, Ms. Teng Xianru, Mr. Xu Peng and practitioner Shao were arrested on April 24, 2008. They have also been subjected to various degrees of torture. Ms. Teng Xianru was forced to jump from a building, resulting in severe injury. She can no longer care for herself. She is held at the Shanyou Detention Center.

Police officials including Ma Hongzhe have been playing a destructive role toward practitioners effort in saving the sentient beings in Songyuan City. They are also very cruel in their treatment towards the arrested practitioners.