(Clearwisdom.net) In March, 1997, I was fortunate enough to obtain Dafa. I would like to share something that I experienced. A Dafa disciple who believes in Master and the Fa and is walking on the way to godhood has energy and supernormal abilities. Even if there are some incorrect conditions, there will be miracles with righteous thoughts and deeds.

In 2002, I was arrested and taken to a detention center for demonstrating on behalf of Dafa. In 2003, I was illegally sentenced to four years in Deyang Prison. From the detention center to Deyang Prison, I wanted to study Dafa but could not find a way. In prison there were some fellow practitioners who could recite Dafa, and three to five people would listen. Gradually, copies of Zhuan Falun, Hong Yin, and lectures and other materials appeared. We had them in each ward. We could then study the "Fa", eliminate the evil and demonstrate Dafa in prison.

Although we could read Master's Fa in prison, it was very limited and very difficult to get. Some practitioners obtained them at great risk, so we studied very conscientiously. The content behind Dafa gradually opened our wisdom and let us understand many principles. I learned that if only we studied Dafa attentively and concentrated on it, insights would be revealed to us. Sometimes there was a chain reaction. When we were trying to understand one part, six or seven related parts were revealed at the same time. When thinking about this part, that part was understood; when thinking about that part, this part was understood, too. The more we studied, the more we upgraded ourselves. My belief in Dafa and Master got stronger and stronger. Every sentence, every character of Master's is true and is completely correct. At that time, I copied down Master's lectures and studied them with my heart. When I could nearly recite the Fa, I still kept on reading. In this way, I came to many understandings. Although I could not eat or sleep well in prison, and the police and leaders there tried to brainwash Dafa disciples into writing the three statements using all kinds of tactics, to a person who knows the Fa, these are nothing.

In September 2005, all of the Dafa disciples in Deyang Prison were placed in the Second Ward. Citing the publication of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, they said that Falun Gong was now the "enemy," and they intensified the persecution. Those who resisted being brainwashed were forced to stand or do exercises every day and were not allowed to take a shower in the hot weather. One day, seven of us steadfast disciples were called out and stood in a row. Suddenly, a policeman struck me, then another disciple. When the policeman went to strike the third disciple, I sent out a thought, "Let the policeman hit himself" and asked Master for help. Immediately the policeman went back to his office, and the other four practitioners were not hit. At around four o'clock in the afternoon, this policeman's head was covered with a white cloth as if he had been injured, and he did not come to work the following week.

When I was persecuted in the second ward, I met with a fellow practitioner who always got the hiccups. It was very uncomfortable, and lasted about three years. I asked him why, and he said that he did not know the reason. I said, "As a practitioner, we should look inward. Maybe there was problem in your mouth. Did you say something you should not have said? If so, you should pay attention to what you say." He said that maybe it was true. After a week, when I saw him again, he was already well.