(Clearwisdom.net) On October 13, 2008 we held a small-scale experience-sharing Fa conference, during which the practitioners shared their understandings and experiences in a very sincere and pure way. Those who had not stepped forward to validate the Fa learned from those who have already stepped forward. Those who had already stepped forward did not have the mentality of showing off and proving themselves when telling others about their experiences. They shared how they had let go of their attachments, cultivated themselves well, and hurried up to offer people salvation. They also shared how their righteous thoughts had instantly disintegrated the evil.

Through this conference, I have realized many of my attachments. I especially noticed that hidden behind my slacking off were attachments of fear, selfishness of protecting myself, and the vanity of saving face.

Recently, I always felt that my cultivation state was not as good as before. Although I still practiced the exercises, studied the Fa, distributed truth-clarification materials, and clarified the facts about the persecution to people when chances arose, I did not know why my cultivation state was not good. Through this small-scale Fa conference, I have truly seen the gaps that I have had in my cultivation. Other practitioners are hurrying up in their efforts to offer people salvation, while I still held the deeply-hidden, selfish mindset of protecting myself and being unwilling to do more or go one step further. On the surface, I still did the three things, but in fact, I was just going though the motions. It is no wonder that several days ago a fellow practitioner said to me that I wasted all my time. When practitioners criticized me then, I only felt that I had slacked off, but not that I had wasted time. Now, in retrospect, what the fellow practitioner said about my wasting time really meant that I had wasted the time that I should have used to save sentient beings.

I have a formal job, and I am very busy. However, on my way to work and back home, while riding my bicycle, I can still do something to save people. I can distribute materials, and I can also clarify the facts of the persecution to people, face to face. But why have I not done this? Was it because of my attachments to saving face, being afraid, and being unwilling to talk? A practitioner talks to people to save them, while the process of saving people is also one of cultivating oneself. One needs to know what he or she should say and what he or she should not say, and this process is cultivation. In this process, one has given sentient beings the opportunity of being saved. Overall, the goal is to cultivate oneself well and save more people.

The next morning, I started my journey of saving people while riding my bicycle to work. I rode a little faster and caught up with a lady and then told her about the big wave of people withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its related organizations, as well as the Sanlu infant formula tragedy (that is, the infant formula tainted with melamine, a toxic chemical). Although she did not say that she wanted to withdraw, I knew that her heart had already been moved. After coming to work, I saw a young man who was working in the night shift. I talked to him for a moment, and he agreed to quit the CCP; the process took no more than one minute. On my way home, I clarified the facts to four more people. So as long as I have the heart to save people, Master will bring those with a predestined relationship to me. Let's do well, let go of our human side, and rationally use our divine side to hurry up in offering people salvation.

October 15, 2008