(Clearwisdom.net) It has been seven years since I began practicing cultivation. I have rarely written any cultivation experience sharing papers. When I saw that other practitioners were writing very good experience sharing papers, I felt that no matter what my cultivation status was, or how many attachments I still had, I should also write down some of the understandings I had through cultivation. On one hand, by doing this I would expose my own attachments and thereby get rid of them, while at the same time using the opportunity to eliminate the attachment of pursuing fame. On the other hand, by sharing my understandings with other practitioners I could reach a clearer understanding of the Fa's principles and thus make myself more righteous on the path of cultivation.

I would like to share three points.

Firstly, cultivation is not pursuing something we are attached to, but instead eliminating attachments. For a very long time, I was experiencing an illness karma test involving my feet, which I could not pass. I looked inside and realized that, with the heart of pursuing comfort and happiness, I had been hoping to pass the test as quickly as possible. I did not want to eliminate anything and my attachment to comfort was strong! I realized that I had been studying the Fa with this deeply rooted attachment. As a matter of fact, any conflict or tribulation is an opportunity to upgrade one's xinxing level. Without truly cultivating, we cannot raise our levels.

My second point is that we must believe in Master and believe in the Fa. My understanding is that as long as we truly believe in Master and the Fa, we will have the confidence to overcome any obstacles and pass tribulations. But sometimes when I send righteous thoughts, I cannot keep my mind focused, or I would often miss the time for sending righteous thoughts. As a result, I would feel sleepy while I studied the Fa or practiced the exercises. I could not keep up my Fa study, exercises and righteous thoughts. I did so excusing myself as being too busy to get everything done. Actually, I had been gradually falling away from the Fa without realizing it! The confidence I should have, had nearly disappeared. Isn't this exactly what old forces want? As practitioners, how could we not be alert to the fact that this kind of behavior can destroy a cultivator's will?

My third point is that we must give up the attachment to marriage and the things between men and women. I had divorced before I started practicing cultivation, and I sank into the depravity of modern sexuality. After I began practicing cultivation, I gradually got rid of those desires and truly realized the goodness of Dafa. Master has changed me, a deviated person, inside and out. However, I encountered a test when I met an admirer. I wanted to hide from her. In order not to marry again, I used a lot of things as excuses, such as being busy with work and Dafa. But the real reason was to save face. I didn't want to tell others about the bad things that I had done before. And in my mind, there were still some deviated thoughts hiding. Whether one gets married is a personal issue. I should not use the excuse of being busy with Dafa projects to conceal it. The way I handled the situation could have caused misunderstandings about Falun Gong. I lied to others and created karma. Master told us that we should maximally conform to the way of society while cultivating. The only correct path during this Fa-rectification period is to honestly cultivate oneself. Getting married or not should not be an attachment. Marriage is not necessarily an obstacle on the path of cultivation. The reason that I had improper thoughts and behavior before is because I did not understand the Fa on a deeper level. I was not diligent and didn't want to take the responsibility for friends and family who also need to be saved.

These are the three points that I wanted to share with fellow practitioners. If there is any thing incorrect, please point it out. Here I would also wish to send my regards to Master, Heshi.