(Clearwisdom.net) On the night of February 28, 2006, Ms. Liu Lijun, a Falun Gong practitioner, went to erase the red scrawls scribbled over Falun Gong truth-clarifying posters on the wall of an alley. Someone reported her to the police. Ms. Liu clarified the facts to these people who had reported her, but they did not listen and even helped the four police officers drag Ms. Liu to a police vehicle.

At the police station, seven police officers took turns interrogating Ms. Liu. They removed her jacket and took her house key. Ms. Liu refused to cooperate with their interrogation. Then the police handcuffed her arms behind the back of the chair. The cuffs were too tight and Ms. Liu could not move. They slapped her in the face, cutting her lip in the process. There were two bloody scratch marks on her face.

The deputy director of the district National Security Division kicked Ms. Liu's handcuffs and injured her wrist. She had three bloody cuts that were extremely painful. The deputy director was soon tired from kicking, so the director himself continued. He stomped downwards with full force on the handcuffs, which caused Ms. Liu extreme pain. The two policemen did not stop until they were exhausted. Ms. Liu's left palm was numb. Her little finger and ring finger would not straighten out. Her right hand was swollen and bruised. Her thumb was numb and lost mobility. Her hand was becoming disabled.

The police also kicked and punched Ms. Liu. They pinched her arm hard, and they stomped on her thighs. They viciously kicked the back of her lower legs and all around her feet. The police hurt her abdomen as well. The soles of her feet were black and blue for over a month. She could not walk or even touch the ground with her feet. She had back pain and there was blood in her urine.

While Ms. Liu was handcuffed, the police also forced her head backwards and pressed her head to her feet. As a result, her spine was injured. They beat her back and head, causing injury that did not heal after over a month. The officers verbally abused Ms. Liu and called in some female police officers to body search Ms. Liu. They groped her maliciously during the search. They also force-fed Ms. Liu with hot mustard oil, holding her head and pouring the oil into her nose. The mustard oil made it difficult for Ms. Liu to breathe and caused her eyes to water. Her nose bled and she was in a great deal of pain.

The police also went to Ms. Liu's home and ransacked it, taking Ms. Liu with them. When they beat her, the neighbors shut their doors and window blinds to avoid being seen.