(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I slackened on Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts, and many attachments of fame, profit, and sentimentality surfaced in my mind. I then began focusing on how I had nothing in my ordinary human life such as a house, a car, or a happy marriage.

It is the October First holiday season (one week), and I was ready to go back to my hometown on the morning of September 29. But after work on September 28, my toilet clogged, and it kept overflowing with dirty water. I tried to fix it in vain.

I began looking inside, and I found attachments to leisure, fame, profit, and sentimentality. I remembered that I had burned DVD and VCD discs on my computer to distribute on the way home. I immediately thought that it was evil interference, and I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it! I also thought of Master's words in "True Cultivation,"

"After falling into a world that is, by comparison, most filthy, instead of cultivating yourself to go back in a hurry, you don't let go of those filthy things that you cling to in this filthy world, and you even agonize over the most trivial losses." (Essentials for Further Advancement)

At that moment, I saw through my third eye black and gray matter flying back and forth. I sent forth righteous thoughts, which reduced it, and the toilet seemed to stop overflowing as well. However, the next morning I still found the toilet filled with dirty water, and more kept flowing out.

I began laughing at myself. The dirty water was just like my own attachments that have kept surfacing. In fact, fame, profit, and sentimentality are filthy things in this filthy world. How can I go home without first eliminating these attachments? This incident seemed unfortunate, but it was a good hint for me that I have to cultivate away my attachments to fame, profit, and sentimentality to return home. Once I found the root cause of this problem, my solution was right there.

I called a professional rooter, and the problem was solved within an hour. There was a ball of hair stuck in the pipe. That ball of hair had accumulated over days and months. If cultivators' thoughts don't conform with the Fa, they will be like a ball of hair stuck in our minds. This was a warning regarding my lack of diligence and sending forth righteous thoughts. Only through studying the Fa well can we cultivate away attachments to fame, profit, and sentimentality.

I gave the plumber a Divine Performing Arts' DVD when I paid him, and we both smiled sincerely. With the problem solved, I could go home. I passed out several sets of DPA discs on the way home without conflict.

Only through genuine cultivation can we return to our true homes.