(Clearwisdom.net) For a long time I have ignored a problem. When I read about the cases of persecution on Clearwisdom.net, I felt sad but I did not think about it any further. When I first learned about it, I sometimes sent forth righteous thoughts. But after seeing more and more cases, I felt helpless. Later I began to avoid reading them since I did not want to feel sad (it was a human attachment). Then after reading many persecution cases, I suddenly realized that I should send forth strong righteous thoughts to support those practitioners being persecuted and help them to eliminate the evil surrounding them.

What I would like to suggest is that if other practitioners have similar thoughts as me, we can all work together to help the practitioners who are under persecution. We can spend less time browsing the internet and pay more attention to our fellow practitioners. They need our help very much. Take five minutes to send forth righteous thought regarding a specific practitioner. Maybe your righteous thought could help him or her to get rid of the control of evil. Using righteous thoughts to dissolve evil is a part of validating the Fa.

I have observed some of these problems. One of our local practitioners was illegally arrested by the police. Other practitioners quickly exposed the case on Clearwisdom.net. Some practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts afterwards, while others felt they had already done enough by reporting it to Clearwisdom.net. One practitioner wanted to organize a time for the group to send forth righteous thoughts for this case but the idea did not get much support. This lack of follow through has allowed the persecution to worsen. I hope we can coordinate better. Do not only try at the beginning and then later become lax.