(Clearwisdom.net) In order to help one of my children renovate a recently purchased house, my wife and I decided to go and help. However, this meant that I would not be able to read articles from "Minghui Weekly", so I decided to buy a laptop. Then I could browse the Internet any time I desired to read the latest materials from Minghui.org, the Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net. It was a last minute decision to buy a laptop, and because I was unfamiliar with how to use the Internet, I had a couple of quick lessons from a fellow practitioner. I took notes during the lessons and kept them in a notebook. I clearly remembered putting the notebook into the laptop bag, but when we arrived at our child's home, the notebook was nowhere to be seen.

I immediately looked inward and remembered that I had, indeed, left the notebook at home. Before we left I put the notebook in the computer bag, but since I was afraid of leaving such an important thing behind, I must have taken it out of the bag and failed to put it back in when I was distracted by visitors. I realized this was the result of an attachment. Since I was afraid that I might leave the notebook behind, my thought created a loophole for the evil forces to exploit. I enlightened to the fact that, if we fail to think from the prospective of the Fa, we can create loopholes that will be taken advantage of.

Without my notebook, I had no alternative but to try to do what I could remember from the two lessons I had had. Sometimes I would think, "Wouldn't it be nice if I had the notebook with me?" After a few days of working with the laptop from memory, the notebook suddenly appeared in front of me when I was looking for a phone book. I could hardly believe my eyes. How could this notebook appear out of nowhere? Suddenly I realized that Teacher was helping me. This was because Teacher knew that I really wanted to master this computer technology to assist with Dafa related issues. Therefore, Master returned the notebook to me. This is the encouragement that our great and compassionate Teacher gave me.

As far as believing in Teacher and the Fa, I know I still have room for improvement. Although I have never wavered in my belief in Teacher and the Fa, I was speechless when this miracle occurred. I was deeply grateful to Teacher and became even more determined in my efforts to learn some skills in using the Internet and in mastering a Fa implement that can assist in eliminating the evil and save sentient beings. To show my gratitude to Teacher, I emphasized my determination to do the three things well and honor the grand vows I had made before history.

This incident actually reflected my poor enlightenment quality, as Teacher had already hinted that I should have learned about the Internet a long time ago. However, I had no interest in learning at that time. As a matter of fact, I already had computers at home, which my children had left when they brought new ones. I could have easily used these to practice my skills on the Internet, but the interference of human notions prevented me from taking the initial step to learn. These notions included my ideas about old age, poor memory, the fact that I thought I was slow in learning things, seeking comfort, and fear of technology. I regret very much that I wasted so much precious time and limited resources.

Now I must redouble my efforts to learn how to use the Internet, let go of all kinds of human notions, and seize the time to save sentient beings. This is the best way to repay our Teacher.

From learning the skill of using the Internet I have realized that it is necessary to master new Fa implements to validate the Fa and save sentient beings. I hope more practitioners can let go of their attachments, break through the limitations of "self," study new technologies, strive to become worthy of being a Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioner, and live up to the expectations of our mission.