(Clearwisdom.net) Prior to the Olympics, police in Shouguang City arrested, detained, fined, tortured, and sent over twenty Dafa disciples to forced labor camps. During this action, they even detained and fined someone who had already given up Falun Gong practice under persecution. Below are the circumstances of some practitioners:

1. The wife of Liu Hongjun, Fu Shuyuan, and their 22 year old daughter, Li, were sent to a labor camp. Police beat Ms. Li and abused her with vile language.

2. Mr. Xiao Long, 37 years old, is a chef from northeast China. He was detained in a labor camp for one and a half years.

3. Mrs. Zhang Xiuhua, 48 years old, was detained in a labor camp for one and a half years.

4. Mrs. You, the sister-in-law of Zhang Zhaoyu, was sent to a labor camp.

5. Li Kongfa, 47 years old, from Zhaojia Village, was abducted by police on July 9. He was sent to the Zhangqiu Labor Camp for a 19 month term. His wife is paralyzed over half of her body, and was hospitalized recently with a stroke. Because his family had no able-bodied people to work, his son, in the second year at the university, had to suspend his schooling and find work to provide for the family. The family's arable land had nobody to take care of it, and had to be rented out. All of the above has made life very difficult for the family. Practitioner Zhao Xiushun in the same village was also sent to a labor camp.

6. After Sang Peirao, 52 years old, just finished two years of forced labor in the Wangcun Labor Camp, he was again taken away by police and sent to the Weifang Brainwashing Center, where he was persecuted for 50 days. Later he was detained at the Shouguang Target Practice Field for one month. Finally, he was locked in an iron cage in the Gucheng Police Station for three days. Police released him after extorting 3000 yuan from his family. Sang Fengying was locked in an iron cage for 10 days, and extorted 1000 yuan before being released.

7. Zhang Zhaoyu, Han Lianfeng, You Huifu, Zhao Si, Zhao Wu, Ding Hong, and others are all illegally locked in detention centers at present.