(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Xin Hongyuan and Ms. Wei Yuhong, his wife, are Falun Gong practitioners from Shenyang, Liaoning Province. They were arrested on May 24, 2008, and tortured at the local police station. Recently Chinese Communist Party (CCP) personnel held an illegal trial for the couple.

Mr. Xin worked at a factory in Tiexi. Tiexi local police, conspiring with the Tiexi area police department branch, the city police department, the Politics and Law Committee, and the 610 Office, illegally arrested Xin Hongyuan while he at work. They then broke into his home; arrested his wife, Ms. Wei Yuhong; stole all their Falun Dafa books; and confiscated the used computer they had bought for their son's use to study, a cell phone, and other items. According to the family, they lost 1000 yuan in cash.

Mr. Xin and Ms. Wei were subjected to six hours of brutal torture at the local police station. All ten of Mr. Xin's fingers were pierced with needles and burned with a cigarette. He was beaten with an electric baton and forced to sign a forged confession. Ms. Wei's screams of agony were heard throughout the entire police station. When she was transferred to Tiexi Detention Center, cuts and bruises were found all over her body during the physical examination. Officer Wang at the Tiexi Police Station said during the torture session, "This is how it is now. In the past, I would have tortured you to death."

During the recent court session, the couple questioned the police about their use of brutal torture to obtain so-called "confessions." However, the public prosecutor actually accused the couple of having the wrong attitude.

October 5, 2008