(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners are immensely appreciative to our compassionate Teacher for saving his disciples from hell and cleansing the filth we have collected in our thousands of years of reincarnations, with the great and profound Dafa that comes but once in millions of years. With Teacher's tender care and protection, disciples will be able to return to their sacred and beautiful homes. Practitioners have been steadfastly cultivating in this great and solemn way, and many miracles have happened during their cultivation. Almost every practitioner has experienced some form of a miracle, and some examples are listed below.

Witnessing Gods Shedding Tears

Practitioner Ms. Chen lives in Chengdu City. Several years ago she was taking care of her mother and husband who were incapacitated, and her daughter who was mentally retarded. She was also struggling financially. Every day she was tired and frustrated, and she had difficulty finding time to study the Fa. Sometimes she was not able to endure the hardships in her life and she thought about giving up cultivation practice.

One night in a dream, Teacher showed her the mountains and water in her world. She also saw several men and women dressed in ancient clothes who were sitting by a rice field. She thought "Perhaps they are my sentient beings." She then looked up and saw a giant Buddha dressed in a golden Buddha's robe, glittering and shining in the sky. She was astonished to see such a giant Buddha. When the giant Buddha looked at her he slowly closed his eyes, and tears of compassion flowed from his eyes. He opened his eyes and looked at her, and she was petrified. The giant Buddha again closed his eyes, and tears again flowed down his face. He disappeared after opening his eyes. She felt as if the Buddha was telling her, "Child, you ought to go home now." The scene moved her for a long time. She said she will never forget that sacred and profound scene.

Afterwards, her three family members died, one after the other, and she cried and suffered. However, she never forgot what Teacher had shown her in a dream, with a Buddha shedding tears. She thought that her sentient beings must be anticipating that she would save them after she successfully completes her cultivation. She broke away from the attachment to her family and is striving forward on the path to godhood. She knew that the enlightened beings in history have never been beaten down by the attachment to family, and have all risen above human sentimentality with the understanding that everything in the human world will be gone in the blink of an eye. She is now on the path to godhood and is solidly doing the three things that Dafa practitioners should do.

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Breaks the Rope

Falun Dafa practitioner Chen Hua lives in Wenjiang, and is unmarried. She used to have various illnesses, including severe bronchitis, but her illnesses disappeared after she started practicing Falun Dafa, and she felt very light when she walked. After the Chinese Communist regime started the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners on July 20, 1999, she was tortured and arrested several times.

Once on a hot summer day, the police tied her up and wrapped her in two thick quilts with only her head sticking out. The police officer said, "Don't you have bronchitis? I'll wrap you up with two quilts so you won't catch cold." The officer also gagged her, to intensify the torture.

She was so hot that she almost suffocated. The policeman was tired and walked away for a while. She then remembered Teacher saying that Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts are powerful, and that there is nothing wrong with practitioners validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. As soon as these thoughts crossed her mind, the rope instantly broke into several pieces and she broke lose from the quilts.

Older Lady's Hunchback Disappears After Practicing Falun Dafa

Practitioner Ms. Tao Niang was fortunate to attend Teacher's nine-day classes twice, which she was very happy about, and she deeply felt the great responsibility for assisting Teacher in the human world. After obtaining the Fa, she often went everywhere with fellow practitioners to spread the Fa.

One time she and several practitioners went to Ganzi to spread the Fa. When their car was driving along a cliff, they looked down at the big river and really felt like they were floating in the air, as if the car was driving in another dimension. It was very wonderful.

Another time they went to Mei Mountain to spread the Fa. Many local residents went to the exercise site to see practitioners practice the exercises, and some wanted to learn. One older, hunchbacked woman learned very carefully from Ms. Tao. When she practiced the fourth exercise, Teacher's gong took effect, and perhaps because she had good inborn quality, her hunchback slowly was healed. Everyone at the scene was shocked, and many people joined in to learn the exercises.

The older lady was very excited, and speechless. Tears rolled down her face. Her long time of being hunchbacked was cured, and she grew taller. Falun Dafa is so miraculous. She said that she would always practice Falun Dafa, and that she will forever remember Teacher's great mercy.

Seventy Year-old Jumps Over Two Walls

Practitioner Ms. Xiaowen, in her seventies, is a resident of Chengdu City. When she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa, she refused to write the guarantee statement. As a result, she was illegally detained four times, and her home was ransacked. After being detained several times, she enlightened that she should no longer cooperate with the arrangements of the evil. One day in July 2007, several people from her work unit suddenly paid her a visit at home, claiming that she needed to attend a learning class for a few days. She told them that they were violating her human rights, and at the same time she sent forth righteous thoughts. She took out a handbag, and the people thought that she had agreed to attend the brainwashing session. They took her handbag and walked out of her home. She came out of the restroom and saw that they were all waiting for her outside. She immediately closed the door and sat down with her legs crossed. She erected her palm and sent forth strong righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that was attempting to persecute Dafa practitioners, and asked Venerable Teacher to please help strengthen her righteous thoughts.

At that time, the people started knocking on the door and yelling, but she sat still and remained unaffected. The standoff lasted for over four hours, and they all went out to get some fresh air. She didn't feel scared, as Dafa had bestowed her with wisdom. She then jumped over two walls that were two meters high at the other end of her apartment building, and she wasn't hurt when she landed on the ground. She left from another small unit's gate and walked quickly out the big gate of a large courtyard. Some of those people were guarding the gate, but they didn't see her at all. As soon as she walked out of the gate, she saw a taxi parked outside, as if it was waiting for her. She truly felt that Dafa is miraculous and that Teacher's arrangement was so magnificent. She was forced to leave her home at that point and has had to move from one place to another to avoid further persecution.

These practitioners have all become even more diligent. No matter how busy they are, they study the Fa or recite the Fa. Some have already recited it three to five times. They said they wanted to cultivate to eliminate their human way of thinking and human thoughts, and to rise above human sentimentality using a god's way of thinking to solve problems, and to gradually reach a god's state. They are solidly doing well the three things practitioners should do.