(Clearwisdom.net) I have been cultivating for over ten years now. Looking back, I felt that I had wasted so much time, because I didn't study the Fa with my whole heart. I have just realized the benefits of reading the Fa word by word and sentence by sentence with a calm mind. I would like to share my understanding with fellow practitioners. If my understanding is inappropriate, kindly point it out.

In the past when I studied the Fa, especially when I was reading "Zhuan Falun", I just read it aloud. Sometimes, I got lost after I paused. I also made mistakes when reading aloud, or skipped a word. Although I was not reading the Fa with a calm mind all the time, when I actually did it, I benefited so much. I enlightened to so much when I read calmly and I wondered what I had been doing before. I started reading the Fa some ten years ago and had not realized this until now. (Of course, it could be that I was not at this level before and therefore I could not enlighten to it.) The difference now is that I read the book with a calm mind and focus on each word and each sentence. When I do not understand something, I read the same sentence again and again, until I understand the principles corresponding to my level, before I move on. I am very attentive and not absent-minded at all, nor do I think about other things. My mind is very clear and I feel that I am in a tranquil state and my body feels like a thin shell. My pure self is roaming around in the Fa and returning to my true self. I am saturated with the Fa, constantly moving forward in the sentence, and do not want to look at anything else. Sometimes I feel like crying, including when I wrote this article. I am in awe of the universe's law and merciful Teacher is waking up the children who are lost in the maze and guiding us home. Thank you, Teacher.

Once I am able to study the Fa with a calm mind, I am able to do the three things well. I can go right into this state when I am sending forth righteous thoughts and I even want to continue when the time is up.

October 15, 2008