(Clearwisdom.net) The "Sunday" program that aired on Channel 1 of New Zealand national TV last weekend broadcast an interview of the family of an infant victim of China's tainted milk scandal. This interview will never be shown in China, because it reveals certain truths that China's communist regime never want's the Chinese people to know.

Tian Xiaowei and Zhu Pingli are parents in Xianyang City in China's Shannxi Province. Their baby, Tian Jin, died from drinking Sanlu Baby Formula, the first of many tainted milk products discovered for sale in China. Little Tian Jin became sick after drinking the formula. His parents had to borrow a lot of money, an amount almost equivalent to their entire year's wages, to take their baby to several different medical facilities to seek a cure.

Their baby was diagnosed with kidney and urethra stones. However, at that time no one was yet aware that it was tainted baby formula that caused his illness, and the doctors even advised Tian Jin's parents to continue feeding it to him. His grieving, tearful parents told the reporter, "When we finally found out the cause of his sickness, we were overcome with remorse. Our child was sick, and yet we made it even worse by continuing to feed him the tainted baby formula!" Their infant son, Tian Jin, died on August 1, shortly after he left the hospital.

To this date, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities insist that only four children have died as a result of drinking adulterated baby formula, and refuse to acknowledge that Tian Jin was one of them. How many others have died but not been included in the official death toll?

On October 19, 2008, the "Sunday" program on New Zealand TV broadcast a special report on China's tainted milk scandal (Screenshot)

Andrew Ferrier, Managing Director of Fonterra, revealed in the report that, in the beginning, when the toxic milk powder scandal first came out into the open, Chinese authorities strongly opposed the public recall of the product, alleging reasons of "public security." They said that they "had to balance what they called Public Security and Food Safety, and in China there was a very delicate balance in that area."

It seems that in the Communist's dictionary there exists a difference between "public security" and "food safety." Chinese people have long thought that public security is based on the interests of the majority of the Chinese people. Today's children are China's future. Certainly protecting the safety of the children should be a top priority, but not in communist China. The CCP's so-called "public security" has nothing to do with the well-being, health or safety of ordinary Chinese people. Its real meaning is to safeguard the Communist Party.

Having realised this, it is not difficult to understand why little Tian Jin was not included in the official death toll. To safeguard and preserve face for the Communist Party, a death quota has been established for the tainted milk scandal. The death quota is whatever the Party says it is, with no concern or direct relation to the true death toll. It is simply a propaganda tool.

The concept of assigning a death quota to such a tragedy may sound like some grotesque farce of surrealism to the people of a free society. But in fact, anyone who is aware of the evil nature of the Communist Party knows that in 2003, when the SARS epidemic broke out in China, many hospitals had received instructions that the number of deaths due to SARS must not exceed a certain quota, and consequently many people were "not allowed to have died from SARS"; instead, they were labled as having died from other diseases.

In the persecution of Falun Gong, the Communist regime has issued even more secret orders; that no Falun Gong practitioner is to be documented as having "died from torture;" they must be officially recorded as having died from "disease" or "suicide." Some police in the labor camps even shout, "We have death quotas!" "There are orders from above, and Falun Gong deaths are to be counted as suicide!"

The truth is, actions take to promote the safety of the Communist Party are often against the safety of the public. Only once the Communist Party collapses will there be any true public security in China.

Spreading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and helping people quit the Party and its affiliates is the only way for peace, harmony and security to return to China.