(Clearwisdom.net) Yan Hongli, in her thirties, is a squadron leader in Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City. Since 1999 she has been torturing Falun Gong practitioners detained there. She spared no effort and was awarded for her fierceness and cruelty; her "excellence" in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. She was very cruel and well known for beating practitioners' faces. She didn't even try to hide it.

On September 26, 2000, Kaiping Forced Labor Camp set up a new squadron to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Whenever practitioners started to practice the exercises, guards and inmates knocked them down or dragged them away to make them stop. In the morning, the squadron leader had inmates watch practitioners one on one. During the day, inmates didn't need to work, but instead watched over practitioners. In the cells, loudspeakers were installed and brainwashing programs were broadcast for over ten hours. The sound was so loud that practitioners couldn't hear each other and couldn't go to sleep. One day in order not to let the noise interfere with practitioners' studying the Fa and practicing exercises, one practitioner from Qinhuangdao cut off the cable connected to the speaker. As a result, the personal monitors [inmates assigned to monitor and torture practitioners] reported it to the leader. Yan Hongli, Li Qiang, the head of the Management Department and another person, tortured the practitioner in the interrogation room.

In November 2000, practitioners were practicing the exercises when Yan Hongli led inmates Zhao Lijun and Li Junqing suddenly into the practitioner's cell. They dragged practitioners to the playground, handcuffed them to trees and beat them with leather belts. They kept beating practitioners from 3:30 am to 7 am, breaking two of the belts. The practitioners were badly bruised with flesh and skin torn.

At the end of 2000, Yan Hongli slapped the face of practitioner Li Yanxiang three times so hard she fainted to the ground and cramped into a ball. Yan accused her of not obeying them. Yan forcibly tied the four limbs of Li Yanxiang to the four corners of a bed. Yanxiang's face turned pale and she wept heavily. She suffered from scabies which was all over her body. Now she was not able to scratch and it was very painful.

In the spring of 2000, Yan Hongli was hit by a car and hurt her head. She got some stitches on her head. She didn't let Falun Gong practitioners know that she was in the hospital and falsely claimed that she was away on holiday. But after she came out of the hospital, she was not repentant for what she had done to Falun Gong practitioners. Instead she became worse. She insanely beat practitioners who were doing exercises in groups.

In June 2001 Yan Hongli suddenly got abdominal pains. She thought she suffered from appendicitis but that was not the diagnosis. In an operation, doctors took out a whole basin of rotten bowel from her belly. But she still didn't realize her errors and persisted in the persecution.

Yan Hongli instigated inmates Zhao Lijun and Li Junqing to viciously beat Falun Gong practitioner Liu Guimei from 3 am for more than three hours. Yan also beat Yang Shulan who got a swollen face and nose as a result. She was tied to the frame of a window and shocked by guards with electronic batons.

After the Chinese New Year of 2001, Dafa practitioner Wang Lihua went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution and it lasted over 130 days. Yan Hongli grabbed her hair, dragged her from the bed and tied her four limbs to the four corners of an iron bed. She couldn't move at all. She was forced to have injections. Due to the long persecution, her blood pressure dropped to 40 - 60. She felt dizzy and her eyes were blurry as soon as she moved. She was skin and bones with a weight of 30 to 35 kilos. She was on the verge of death.

In January 2001 Guard Wang Xueli used electric shock torture on Qi Yuna for practicing the Falun Gong exercises. He shocked her so hard that her heart and breathing stopped. Guards rushed her into the hospital in the forced labor camp. When she woke up, she heard Wang Xueli saying: "If she dies, I will be sent into prison." Yan Hongli who was standing beside Wang said: "No, I will give false evidence for you. I will say she died of a heart attack."

On March 8, 2004, Policewomen Yan Hongli, Wang Yuhua, Jia Fengmei and Liu Xiujuan broke into Wang Pingjia's home. Under the pretense of searching for Master's articles, they tore open clothes and bedding. When they couldn't find any articles, they pinned Wang Pingjia down to the floor, beat her and kicked her madly. They bashed Pingjia's face so hard that her nose bled. They pulled her hair so hard that much of her hair fell out. Yan Hongli encouraged the other policewomen to strip Wang Pingjia naked.

In October 2004, Dafa practitioner Liu Sujun managed to walk free from the forced labor camp. When she was caught and sent back to the forced labor camp that night, Yan Hongli and other police shocked her with electronic batons and locked her in a secret cell near the Education Department in the forced labor camp. The wall of the secret cell was covered with thick foam sheets without any window, just a small hole in the door to deliver meals. The toilet was inside the cell and the air stank. A light was on 24 hours a day. One wouldn't know whether it was day or night outside. Two iron hoops were attached to the ground. Terrifying and bloody pictures covered the whole wall from the roof to the floor. It was gloomy, dreadful, and could drive people mad.

On February 15, 2005, Dafa practitioner Zhang Xiucun refused to wear a prison uniform, to be brainwashed, or to perform forced labor. Yan Hongli dragged her into the monitoring room and insulted her. Yan also uttered dirty words against Dafa. Then they punished Zhang by making her stand for 20 hours with only 4 hours sleep. This lasted two weeks. Her two legs became terribly swollen.

On August 8, 2005, Yan Hongli slapping a Dafa practitioner in a solitary cell in the face while swearing at her. Yan punished her by forcing her to stand for an extra long time. The practitioner didn't obey her. Yan then had guards Liu Xiujuan and Li Xiaofeng get ropes and tie the practitioner to the heating pipe. The practitioner shouted "Yan Lihong has committed towering crimes by persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. She will receive her due in return. Falun Dafa is good!" Yan covered the practitioner's mouth with her hand. Three of them tied her to a chair and taped her mouth several rounds from front to the back. The practitioner went on a hunger strike for six days before they force fed her. They fed her thick salty water, causing her to repeatedly vomit. Yan Hongli then said: "Keeping on feeding her if she vomits it out." She made criminal inmates cover the practitioner's mouth with their hands until guards told them to stop. The practitioner's lips had turned purple and face had turned pale.

Since July 2008, Yan Hongli and other police forced more than 30 practitioners to wear prison uniforms and to work wrapping disposable chopsticks. If the authorities found anything not to their satisfaction, they bashed and kicked the practitioners. If anyone refused to listen to them, they stripped them naked and took away their clothes. They then beat and kicked them.

In September 2008, more than 50 practitioners were illegally detained at the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. Practitioners were first locked in solitary cells and one inmate monitored each practitioner. They covered cell windows with newspaper or colored paper with only small corners uncovered so that guards could look into each cell. In the solitary cells, practitioners were made to stand for excessively long times and not allowed to sleep until 1 am in the morning. They cuffed practitioners' hands and feet to bed rails or tied practitioners onto chairs for several days so that their legs became swollen. Practitioners were locked in solitary cells from several days to over ten days.

Above is only a small part of what Yan Hongli has done over the years.

Hebei City First Forced Labor Camp
Xu Deshan, Director: 86-315-3362702
Ruan Daguo, Deputy Director: 86-315-3368820
Gao Weili, Deputy Director: 86-315-3368810
Yan Hongli, 86-13930546184(Cell)
Police involved: Zhou Junming, Ke Jibin, Wang Jianzhong, Zhang Jianzhong, Wang Hongli, Wang Xueli, Li Shengli, Feng Xuqiang, Wei Tao, Zhang Xufang and Zhao Xiufeng