(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Liu Xiyong is from Shihe Village, Jinzhou District, Dalian City. Before he began practicing Falun Gong in 1997, he suffered from several illnesses, especially pains in his leg. He underwent many treatments without much effect. He could not work or take care of himself. What's more, his relationship with his neighbors was not good. All of these tribulations made him think about leaving this world. In August 1997, he began practicing Falun Gong and strictly followed the standard of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance to become a good person. His bad thoughts were discarded, and his relationship with his neighbors became harmonious. The ache in his leg disappeared and he recovered his good health.

Since the Chinese Communist Party started its persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, Mr. Liu Xiyong went to his city government to tell them about the wonderfulness of Falun Gong and the benefits he gained from practicing. He was persecuted three times by Shihe police officers and the Shihe Town government. The following is a summary of the persecution he has suffered:

In April 2002, Mr. Liu helped a production team in his workplace repair machines and returned home after 7 p.m. Officers from the Shihe Police Station, including Xu Guangyue, went to his home and took him to the police station. Four other practitioners were being taken at the same time. The former director, Cai Jie, demanded ten thousand yuan from each practitioner as bail, giving no receipt. Three of them paid the ten thousand yuan and one of them paid five thousand yuan in exchange for their freedom. Mr. Liu Xiyong did not pay. He was illegally sentenced to two years and imprisoned at Dalian Forced Labor Camp. During that time, he suffered through torture, being locked up in a small cell, and forced to sleep in a "Dead Person's Bed" for over 40 days. The torture caused him to lose the ability to take care of himself.

At around 9 p.m. on April 24, 2006, the director of the Shihe Police Station, Guo Xin, officer Xu Guangyue and others broke into Mr. Liu's house. They arrested him and his wife and confiscated a computer, three recorders, a printer and Falun Dafa books. Later, Mr. Liu was imprisoned in Jinzhou Detention Center. His wife was locked up in the Dalian Brainwashing Center for 24 days. When Mr. Liu began a hunger strike to protest the persecution, five police officers beat and kicked him, and the prison doctor forced-fed him an unknown drug. These caused Mr. Liu to be unable to walk or take care of himself. Twenty-eight days later, he was released from Sanli Detention Center in Jinzhou. Police officer Jiang Qingshan illegally monitored him and officers from the Shihe Police Station made several phone calls a day to harass his family. Mr. Liu and his wife left home for more than a year to avoid the persecution.

Before the Beijing Olympic Games, the CCP intensified the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. On July 24, the deputy director of the Shihe Police Station, Xu Guangyue, and others broken into Mr. Liu's house looking for Falun Gong materials. Finding none, they began monitoring Mr. Liu's house. Meanwhile, Mr. Liu's neighbor told the officers, "Mr. Liu Xiyong and I do business together. Do not bother him, I am sure that he will not go to Beijing." However, Xu Guangyue replied, "Get out, this is not your business, you could not afford what you say." Later, Mr. Liu Xiyong was taken to Sanli Detention Center. His family did not receive any messages about his condition for about five days. At last, they learned where he was. Two months later, the center still refused to let his family members visit him.

Responsible personnel:

Director of the Shihe Police Station, Wu: 86-411-87261999, 86-411-87692598, 86-13942080777 (Cell)

Deputy director of the Shihe Police Station, Xu Guangyue: 86-411-87260219