(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. I walked along every day knowing every step I take I am encouraged along by Master. I feel so lucky to have received Dafa that I cannot find the words to describe my thanks to Master. In the beginning, we used to study the Fa every night. Whenever we had any questions, we could ask the veteran practitioners. Actually, if we study the Fa earnestly, the answers are in the book. Soon the persecution started. Our group Fa study environment was destroyed. I discussed this with fellow practitioner A who started cultivation the same time I did, saying, "[Dafa] is such a good cultivation school; we have not learned enough, and they forbid us to learn it?!? We cannot yield. We two shall study and practice together." So until the end of the year, we heard that fellow practitioners in other areas went to Beijing to validate Dafa. They opened banners in Tiananmen Square, shouted "Falun Dafa is good!", "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!", "Restore the reputation of Master!" It shook the universe and shook my heart. I also wanted to step forward to validate Dafa.

Fellow practitioner A went to Beijing earlier than me. However, she was held up by police and detained. Practitioner A was steadfast and refused to cooperate with the evil. The police said, "Only if you give up will we release you." It looked like the purpose of the old forces was to drag down practitioners and prevent them from cultivating. A relative of practitioner A asked me to persuade her to tell the police she would give up cultivation and then just resume cultivation after coming home. I said "No! We cultivators cannot tell a lie." Her family and my family couldn't understand me and they exerted huge pressure on me. Just like Master has described, it felt as if the sky was falling down. The 610 Office agents and policemen came to my home to harass me and asked me whether I continued to cultivate. I said "Yes." After saying this I felt very comfortable and broad hearted. Then I looked at them. They unexpectedly smiled and said, "This is a real cultivator. Then you cultivate at home." They left as if nothing had happened. I experienced what Master said, "just by remaining unmoved you could handle all situations." (Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference) It is true.

I manage a small store. There are many customers. I use this convenient condition to clarify the truth to my customers. At the beginning they did not understand. They asked, "How can the TV news be false?" I gradually explained, "You see I am not a fool. If it is really like the TV says, that Falun Gong practitioners were encouraged to practice self-immolation and to kill people, I would not learn it!" I gradually told them the truth about everything from the April 25 appeal to the staged Tiananmen Square "Self-Immolation" incident, to Dafa's spread to the entire world. Through clarifying the truth and distributing the cds, people gradually came to know the truth. But, when I tried to persuade people to quit the CCP, I felt it was a little hard. Maybe it was because of my impure heart, but whenever I persuaded people to quit the CCP, people would say I was getting involved in politics. I repeatedly studied the Fa about this and shared with my fellow practitioners.

Because of the torrent of Fa-rectification, I do not feel it is hard anymore. Actually, the process of advising people to quit the CCP is a process of cultivation. When you are really doing this for a person's wellbeing, you do not need to say a lot. Maybe you can save him in a few words. Sometimes, you say a lot, and he still refuses to quit. I would then look inside to see what kind of heart caused this. Is it vexation, or combativeness? There are so many people with a predestined relationship with me, I must tell them the truth and ask them to quit the CCP to save them.