(Clearwisdom.net) I began my cultivation in 1995, right before my son was born. Growing up, he was healthier than other children of the same age, and seldom got sick. When he was two years old, I began teaching him Chinese characters. After he had learned his first few dozen words, I began teaching him to read the book Zhuan Falun. At age five, he could fluently read the entire book.

My son did very well in school. I insisted that he study the Fa every day, no matter whether it was only one or two pages. I often told him, "You need to study the Fa more and study the Fa well. The Fa can open your wisdom. Your intelligence comes from the Fa." I felt that this child had chosen to be in a practitioner's family, and didn't he come here to obtain the Fa? In fact, all practitioners know this in principle. Although a child is young, we still should have him or her learn the Fa. This is our responsibility. During Fa-study, they assimilate into the Fa, and this prevents the degenerated mindsets of society from harming them. Children don't have those wicked thoughts, but many bad thoughts can be caused from the attachments of adults, such as being outstanding, getting the best scores on school tests, enrolling in famous universities, sleeping less and studying more, and so on. Let's think about it closely, aren't those our attachments? How many degenerated thoughts have thus been added to the child from those attachments? Are we helping the child or hurting him? We all know that if we let go of all attachments, we will get more in return. A child is here to obtain the Fa. As long as he studies the Fa well, Master will arrange the best for him. Do we not have trust in Master? Then why try to arrange a child's path in this life?

My son is only six years old. I insisted on putting him in a private school, where fewer students drifted along. However, the school didn't accept first grade enrollment. He had to go directly to the second grade. At the beginning of the school, I made a study list for my son and went over it with him. When I wrote the list, I thought about putting Fa-study on it, so I listed it at the bottom. I suddenly realized on the third day, during Fa-study, that Dafa is a priority, and the considered the principle of gaining things without pursuing them. Therefore, I put Fa-study at the top of the list.

It's been three weeks since he started school, and my child quickly adjusted to the school's environment. His performance is in the top ranks. His teacher was very surprised and wondered how such a young child, who didn't even take the first grade, could do so well. Of course, in my heart I knew exactly what was going on.

During the first parent-teacher meetings, his teacher appointed six parents to share how they educate their children in their daily lives. I was one of the them. When the parents shared their experiences, I could feel the Chinese Communist Party's evil elements at play, since they had poisoned everyone. They didn't talk about how they educated their children, but instead made empty boasts, for example, how great the school was. They boasted so openly and to the point that other parents didn't care to listen any longer. (Of course, the hard work of the teachers had contributed to the student's performance.)

When I stepped onto the podium, I was alone. Everyone was looking at me, and because I am a Dafa practitioner, I acted in a noble and open manner. I didn't talk too much, but my words were powerful, "Regarding a child's school studies, I feel that it is a matter of their state of mind. I have always believed that if my son can't be outstanding in his work or school, I will help him to be an outstanding person. I have always taught him to be a good person, to treat others well and do things the right way, including respecting elders, taking care of the young, as well as building a moral character, among other things. I didn't teach him much of about schoolwork, because I feel that being a good person is more important than studying. I let nature take its course. He studies as much as he can, and it should not be forced upon him."