(Clearwisdom.net) This is the fifth year that minghui.ca (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) has organized an Internet Experience Sharing for Falun Dafa practitioners in China, yet I have not written a single one! Locally, my fellow practitioners and I share the feeling that the minute we think about writing an article, we say to ourselves : "I don't know how to write and I can't write well. When we are just chatting we can talk on any subject without a problem." Please think about it, isn't this a human notion? It is just like a fellow practitioner said, "For every Dafa disciple, rectifying the Fa and saving sentient beings is part of our cultivation. Like a history book, how could you say there's nothing to write about?" What this fellow practitioner said is so right. As I had an experience in this regard, I'd like to share it with those who are afraid of writing.

A few years back, while rescuing a fellow practitioner who was in a labor camp, all our local practitioners made a concerted effort, and the result was great. After hearing about this, a practitioner from another city came to our area three times looking for practitioners to reveal how we were able to break through the attachment of fear, how we cooperated with one another, and how we eliminated human notions, all of which help save sentient beings.

During his first visit, it was difficult to say the least. I could only smile and hardly had any thoughts at all. When he came the second time, I was thinking that it would be better to do truth clarification, otherwise I'd be wasting my time. When he came the third time, I thought 'how troublesome he is, always saying something useless. Yet, he kept saying that he was not trying to promote or to prove himself, he was hoping that we practitioners could keep pace with Teacher's Fa-rectification. Do you think that Teacher would want one small area to improve but not a larger area? Having heard what he said, I began to realize the narrowness of my thinking. So, we gave it a try.

Each practitioner went home to write down their experiences. I sat in front of Teacher's picture, put my hands in heshi, and said, "Teacher, I haven't written an article like this before, but a fellow practitioner insisted that I should do so, and I gave up my notion of not being able to express my thoughts. If what I do is right, Teacher, please help me!" However, I wasn't able to write a single word after sitting with pen in hand for half an hour. My thoughts were unclear. I kept thinking and thinking. Then, all of a sudden, I came up with an idea: why don't I jot down one event at a time, and organize them later. Oh! This is it. I'll do it this way. I finished my article within an hour and a half. I asked the guy from the city to take a look. He said, "This is good!" As cultivators, we don't necessarily use beautiful words to write an article.

After dinner, all of the other practitioners brought their articles as promised. The one who claimed that she didn't know many Chinese words wrote an article that brought tears to my eyes. Even now when I remember what she wrote about the process of rescuing our fellow practitioner my heart is still deeply touched.

I asked some of my fellow practitioners how they managed to write their articles. Some of them asked for Teacher's help, like I did, and also gave up the notions of not knowing how to write and not being able to write well.

Fellow practitioners, "I don't know how to write and I can't write well" are human notions; spirit and substance are the same. If you have these kinds of notions, the result is predictable. Our cultivation is the process of going toward Godhood. This type of transformation is the mighty power of Falun Dafa and Teacher's supernormal ability. Then, to write out this process is our rectifying the Fa and honoring Teacher. Why don't you try it now, it is sure to work.

September 29, 2008