(Clearswisdom.net) Because others in my village reported me, I was arrested by Chinese Communist Party officials and sent to a forced labor camp. In the camp, I thought about how I got arrested and the reasons behind it. Where did I still have loopholes? There was only one reason: I did not study the Fa enough! For a long period of time, I felt sleepy whenever I studied Zhuan Falun. I could not read with my whole heart. Therefore, I made up my mind in the forced labor camp that I would like to memorize Zhuan Falun if I had the chance.

Because I was not diligent in Fa study over the past years, I could not remember too much of Zhuan Falun. I could not even recall the section headings, much less the contents. At this moment of time, Master arranged for me to meet with an older practitioner; as we were forced to perform labor together. He said to me, "Let me recite Zhuan Falun for you." I was surprised and agreed. Therefore, he started to recite the first topic of the first talk, "Genuinely Bringing People Toward Higher Levels." While listening to his words, I couldn't help but shed tears. After finishing the first topic, he told me, "All I can remember is this much. If you can remember, try to do it."

While I considered how to memorize the rest of Zhuan Falun, merciful Master arranged for me to meet with two other practitioners. One of them was relatively older; he was really great. Although under pressure from some "transformed people," he used his free time in only four evenings to recite the entire Zhuan Falun. Because I listened to his recitation once, a miracle happened unexpectedly and I could remember Zhuan Falun! (Of course, not the entire contents. However, I could remember most of it!)

After that moment, I started to recite Zhuan Falun again and again. I sent forth righteous thoughts every hour. After sending forth righteous thoughts, I recited the Fa. Another young Dafa disciple who was jailed in the same room as me could recite Zhuan Falun. However, he was timid and did not have the courage to recite it. However, when he saw another practitioner watching a TV program prepared by the evil party instead of learning the Fa, he was very nervous. He told the practitioner that this behavior was to satisfy thirst by drinking poison. Thinking of his words now, he is right. He is a really good practitioner and always worries about other practitioners' status in Fa study.

When I recited the Fa, many miracles occurred. One day, the weather changed quickly and the temperature suddenly dropped. Other people put on wool sweaters and trembled a lot. However, when the cold wind hit me, I just felt that my body was coved by a shield. Not only could it not bother me at all, but I felt so warm, just like bathing in a spring breeze.

Actually, what I gain the most while reciting Zhuan Falun is to let go of my attachments. It's true that Compassion will replace sentimentality. When I became unaffected by the evil environment of the forced labor camp, I was released.

Everything that happened to me was under the merciful protection of Master! Master is constantly protecting every Dafa disciple! The most amazing part for me was to be able to recite Zhuan Falun in the labor camp. I suggest that other fellow practitioners try it out, true miracles will happen. The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.