(Clearwisdom.ent) On October 18, from 7 to 11 p.m., Falun Dafa practitioners in Houston, Texas held an experience sharing conference. During the conference, practitioners took turn sharing their experiences in cultivation, which provided a good opportunity for the group to improve and cultivate as one body.

Practitioner Mr. Lin shared his experience in validating the Fa and clarifying the truth

Practitioner Jiuxin: Distributing truth-clarifying materials can save sentient beings and also help eliminate many attachments

Practitioner Mr. Lin started to practice Falun Dafa nearly 12 years ago and his health condition consequently has improved considerably. Through him, 13 of his family members obtained Dafa one after another. He shared how he participated in local activities to promote Dafa and clarify the truth. "My family and other practitioners recently held the Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Art Exhibition in Chinatown and the exhibition attracted many Chinese and American viewers."

In his speech, practitioner Mr. Sun shared: "Since my workplace is very far from home, I am already quite exhausted after work every day and sometimes I really wanted to have a good rest at home. However, when I decided to go out to validate the Fa, the fatigue disappeared and I felt very comfortable and sacred."

Jiuxin is just 8 years old and yet he has practiced Dafa for quite a few years. When sharing how he went out with his mother to distribute flyers about the Divine Performing Arts Show, he said: "When people accepted my flyers, I felt very happy. On the other hand, when people refused to take one, I felt quite awful. Mom then told me: 'Isn't this is a good opportunity for you to eliminate this attachment?' Indeed, distributing truth-clarifying materials can help us to eliminate many attachments."

In her speech, practitioner Ms. Tang shared: "Several years ago, I started to realize that I had a strong attachment to blaming others for things which were not done properly and yet this attachment was a major cause for the formation of gaps between practitioners. Since then, I have been trying very hard to restrain and eliminate this attachment and Master has also been helping me to remove its material existence in other dimensions. Looking deeper, I found this: I often blamed others when I felt that they didn't do enough in truth-clarification and I was doing better. Gradually I realized that this attachment was caused by myself and was not just caused by others [who didn't do well]. We are all cultivating ourselves and we cannot interfere with others' cultivation state. Instead, we can only help each other with a pure heart. Even when a practitioner is already in tribulation, blaming him or her won't have a positive effect. So, I should unconditionally eliminate this attachment. When gaps like this are eliminated, we will truly form a whole body and do well in validating Dafa."

Mr. Li has been manning a truth-clarifying booth in Chinatown for more than 6 years, and he said: "This booth is a window for people to learn about Dafa. Recently, people one after another came to our booth to ask for practice site information in order to learn the exercises. One of them initially came with a lot of questions and doubts. After exchanging thoughts with us for nearly a year, he finally had those doubts cleared away and decided to practice Dafa. After practicing the exercises for about 20 days, his chronic health problem which had tormented him for 20 years was healed. On another occasion, a businessman passed by our booth and he commented: 'Keep up your good work until all of China is rectified!'"

Ms. Yang shared: "At home, because even in small things I followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, my husband saw the difference between a practitioner and everyday people and felt that I was more considerate and compassionate than before. Eventually, he too decided to practice Falun Dafa."