What does it mean to be a divine being? How far away and different is our state of mind from that of a divine being in his realm? Are we really as pure as a divine being? Every day, when we deal with things, we should say to ourselves, "What would a divine being do?" It's not that we treat ourselves as a Buddha, but rather that we should improve the standard for doing things. We need to think about whether our words or actions have a positive impact. We need to have an attitude of being responsible for sentient beings and try to do everything in a righteous way. Only that is a correct attitude. When we are not certain whether we should do something or not, we need to think about what a Buddha would do in our place. Then we might be clear on what to do, and what high-level beings would do when they are confronted with a dilemma. Everything comes down to a practitioner's xinxing, and everything will change according to our improvement. When we improve our xinxing, our environment will change accordingly. When we improve again, it will change again. Therefore, we should not be overly concerned about the tribulations that take place around us. We need to focus on our cultivation and improve as quickly as we can.

When I didn't do something well, I felt that it was because I did not pay enough attention to the matter at hand. Before I started writing this article, I read an article written by a fellow practitioner with the title "Eliminating Every Bad Substance." We live in this environment, and everything around us is of material existence, including everything we say or do. What or who controls every word, move, or action of ours? Sometimes, when we make a move, before we even think about it, the movement has already been made. Doesn't this tell us that this movement was controlled by some other beings? Only by getting rid of them can we meet Teacher's requirements and ensure that our main consciousness predominates. When our bodies move, they should be under our full control and ensure that we act according to Dafa.

I should examine myself all the time to see if my actions and words comply with the standards of the Fa. Do the actions and words agree with what I intended to do? If not, I will dispel them. For instance, when I was typing letters, I either began to listen to what was going on outside, or my show-off mentality popped up, which went against what I was doing. None of these things that distracted me from doing my Dafa work was me, so how could I possibly cooperate with them? So I decided to strengthen my righteous thoughts in order to eliminate them.

When a practitioner is in a righteous state, wherever he goes, he will benefit others because of his righteous state, because matter and mind are one. Sometimes when I was walking or when I was in the middle of doing something, a sense of bitterness popped up all of a sudden. This happened because of my attachments - of course they would feel bitter when I wanted to eliminate them. When I realized where I fell short and eliminated my attachments, I no longer felt bitter.

When we do things, we must be considerate toward others. This might even be used as an example for future generations. That is because everything we do in a righteous way will be left for future generations, and it is for them to follow and will be used as an example. Therefore, we need to dispel our bad thoughts and actions all the time. Over time, this will become a mechanism, which will form an optimal state, and when an unfavorable state appears, we will need to correct it. Once the mechanism is formed, eliminating attachments is not hard to do anymore. However, during this process we still need to cultivate ourselves, so that we will eventually become great beings.