(Clearwisdom. net) Ms. "A," a practitioner in her 60s, is very diligent. She supplies Minghui Weekly and other informational materials to several remote, neighboring areas. In addition, she often takes practitioners along with her to distribute fliers, clarify the facts about the persecution face-to-face, and help persuade people to do the "three withdrawals." As a result, the environment where she lives is very good.

However, between July and August 2008, many practitioners in her area became attached to the Olympic Games, in one form or another. As a result, they were unwilling to talk to strangers about the persecution and seldom distributed Dafa materials.

While viewing the opening ceremony of the Beijing Games on TV, members of Ms. "A's" family turned to her and said, "Why aren't any of your predictions about the Games coming true?" Immediately upon hearing this Ms. "A" felt disappointed that the Olympic prophecies turned out to be false alarms.

For several days afterwards, she noticed that her celestial eye vision was blurry while sending forth righteous thoughts and she became very sleepy as soon as she began studying the Fa. However, when she tried to eliminate the interference she was experiencing, she got even more sleepy. As a result, she felt helpless.

Then one day while sitting in meditation, she thought: "I must look inward. As a practitioner I hate the demon of sleep, but isn't hatred an emotion of everyday people? Where's my benevolence?"

So she said, "Demon of sleep, you too are a deity of the old universe. You should not disturb my Fa-study and my sending forth righteous thoughts. If I cultivate to consummation, you too will be assimilated to the Fa. Only then will you have a bright future."

When she looked inward again she thought, "I had always been attached to whether the Olympic Games would be held and if the prophecies surrounding this event would come true. Once things did not materialize according to my attachments, I became despondent and complained. I became resentful about this and that and even became suspicious of Master's Fa. Since I had not let go of the mentality of seeking externally, this omission allowed the demon of sleep to interfere with me."

Many practitioners were in the same predicament as Ms. "A." Some even started stockpiling food and taking out extra cash from the bank to prepare for an eventual emergency. However, when this attachment was pointed out to them, they refused to acknowledge it. Didn't this widespread attachment help determine the outcome of the Games?

But what if these long awaited prophecies really did come true? Wouldn't a lot of ordinary people have lost their chance to be saved? Master teaches us to save all beings with benevolence. With such a strong attachment to the outcome of the Games, wouldn't it be hard to bring forth our benevolence? Isn't it Master's mercy towards all living beings that allows us to save them?

After Ms. "A" understood this Fa principle and removed her attachment, her body became very light. For three days in a row, every time time she sent forth righteous thoughts she saw the two upper dots of the Chinese character "extinguish" turn into two giant hands knocking demons down into an abyss.

When she next studied the Fa, she was not sleepy at all and was able to recite one complete lecture of Zhuan Falun each day during that three day period. Before that, she found it difficult to recite even one section of the Fa.

She said that when she was reciting the Fa, it was as if she were reading it straight from the book. Also, her body felt extremely comfortable and relaxed ¯ a feeling she had never experienced before. When she tried to express this feeling in words, she found it impossible to do.

Ms. "A" shared her experience with local practitioners to encourage them to abandon their attachments and to strive forward. She did not validate herself nor did she have the mentality of showing off. However shortly afterwards, her supernormal state disappeared, although she remained very energetic.

She was afraid that she had become too zealous and as a result her level dropped. However, it is my understanding that the part of her that she cultivated well had been separated by Master. I also believe that Master allowed her to experience the majesty of cultivation to encourage her to strive forward and at the same time to help fellow practitioners give up their attachments and make full use of their precious time to save more beings.