(Clearwisdom.net) Before the Olympic games were held in Beijing, especially during the month of April, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) issued orders to subordinate 610 Offices at all levels to intensify the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. As a result, the 610 Office personnel in my city went to my place of work to persecute me. My supervisor did not cooperate with them..

When they showed up at our office, the supervisor of our division politely asked them to take a seat. Then he said to them straightforwardly, "Are you coming for the Falun Gong practitioner in our office? Everyone here knows that he works very hard, and he has never done anything bad. You do not need to worry that he will go to Beijing to make trouble. It would be good for us if more people practiced Falun Gong. Several years ago, I failed to understand the true situation, and because I did not understand them, I said many bad things about them. In fact, they are not like what was shown on TV. As far as I know, these people are in perfect heath with high virtue and they do their work very well. As a clear thinking supervisor, I would never harass them or fire them, so I hope that you don't come to make trouble for them anymore."

At a loss for words, the 610 Office agents responded by following the Party line, "In fact, Falun Gong is just a belief. We are forced to do this by our superiors. We are here just to take a look, with no other intentions."

The supervisor continued: "Our factory has thousands of employees, and it is difficult for us to deploy our manpower efficiently. We usually make plans for manpower deployment one or two years in advance. When the police come and arrest our Falun Gong employees, all our plans are thrown into disarray. Who on earth is actually disturbing social order? The Falun Gong practitioner is the most hardworking employee in our company. He has been arrested many times and has suffered so much, and his family has been destroyed. Why do you come for him again? Last time you deceived us by saying that we could bring him back to work, but then you arrested him when we left his side. When he was released this time he was in bad shape. Now he has recovered a little, but you are here again to harm him. "

The officials fell silent and then they said, "Go and ask the Falun Gong practitioner to come. We will not make trouble for him. We will leave after we see him."

The supervisor responded to their request by asking someone in charge to find me. One of the officials--the secretary of the political and law section--said to me, "We do not want you to be troubled again, so we are here to tell you to be careful so that you do not give them anything that they can hold against you." Another official from the government said, "If they interrogate you they will try to deceive you, so you'd better be on guard so that they cannot get any thing against you. Remember!" The secretary added, "Go home quickly and put your house in order. I am afraid that they will go and confiscate your house without our knowledge."

My supervisor said to them, "You should return his private property, like the computer you took." They said, "The police station officers should have returned the things to him already."

They could find nothing further to comment on. Since then, no 610 Office official has ever returned to harass me.