(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhang Peilan, 60, lived in the Tiexi District of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. On May 24, 2008, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary Zhou Yongkang arrived in Shenyang City and caused more than fifty practitioners to be arrested on the same night. Four to five officers from the Qigong Police Station arrested Ms. Zhang Peilan from her home, took her to the Zaohua Prison located in Shenyang City, and after 15 days had her sentenced to one year of forced labor. She was held in the Fifth Section, Third Ward of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

The camp administration never allowed visitation by Ms. Zhang's family, but at the beginning of August 2008, they suddenly called her family and said that she was dying. They wanted her family to sign paperwork to have her sent to the hospital. Her family rushed to the hospital and found that she had been passing blood for a long time, and the camp administration refused to have her treated until her life was in danger. If the hospital had not required the family's signature, they would not have known her condition.

The Masanjia Camp was not willing to pay her medical costs, so her family was allowed to take her home on August 13, 2008. Ms. Zhang died at her home on October 7, 2008.

Qigong Police Station: 86-24-25820835, or 25820127
Officer Zhang Zheng, Yang Xiaolin: 86-13940045015 (cell), 86-24-82161706