(Clearwisdom.net) My wife told me that while she was taking a shower today, she tried to find her attachments. She found that her symptom of always being itchy after taking a shower disappeared, and she was very happy. I was a little bit sad after seeing her happy face and remained silent. I thought that she wasn't appreciating Dafa's sacredness and mercy, but felt happy because her body felt comfortable. This was a human thought and wasn't the result that Master hoped to see. It was also irreverence toward Master and Dafa.

Recalling this matter today, I realized that I had the same problem. In the past, when I was allocated a small apartment, and suffered a loss from the unfair treatment, I tried my best to restrain my unhappy feeling. Later, I bought a house and got a bargain, so I was very glad. Although I knew it was Master's arrangement, I still felt very happy and didn't have much appreciation toward Master. I have the same shortcoming, so how could I look down on others?

I still have the attachment of pursuing gain and feeling happy while gaining profits, and feel unhappy when losing profits. I can't reach the state of no happiness and no worry, and I haven't reached the state of appreciating Dafa with all my heart.

Actually, merely appreciating Dafa is not what Dafa wants from practitioners. Master hopes that we have thoughts that conform to the cultivation standard. Dafa doesn't need our gratitude. When we do things according to Dafa's requirements, it is the best gratitude, and we will appreciate Dafa in our hearts and melt into the sacredness and mercy of Dafa.

We should really look within. However, when we run into conflicts we always look outward and blame others, and don't realize that we have attachments. This is the behavior of ordinary people. In the future, I will eliminate this human notion and often look within to find my own shortcomings.

September 27, 2008