(Clearwisdom.net) Each Falun Gong cultivator will experience the power of the Fa, but sometimes it can be overlooked. Below are three short cultivation stories.

1. Falun Gong Materials that Don't Burn

A couple of years ago, a neighboring practitioner became upset and afraid because several other practitioners were arrested as they handed out Falun Gong materials. She decided to burn the materials in her possession and not leave any evidence for the police to find. She lit up a gas stove and attempted to burn the materials, but it didn't work. They would not burn! It turned out that the pipeline between the stove and the propane tank was disconnected.

She suddenly realized that those materials had a mission, to save people, and didn't burn because the mission was unfulfilled. She understood that this was a hint from Master, that Falun Gong materials were not afraid of being burned, and she, as a Falun Gong practitioner, should not be afraid of being arrested. This experience helped her eliminate her fear.

2. Crooked Mouth Symptom Disappears

A practitioner used all her time to go out and explain the benefits of Falun Gong to people. Waking up in the morning one day, she noticed that her mouth was drooping. She was anxious, worried about Falun Gong's image if she went out looking like this and decided to stay home until it went away. She stayed at home, studied the Fa and practiced the five exercises, but the symptom remained unchanged.

Another practitioner offered her a form of Chinese medicine therapy that didn't require medication. It involved covering the mouth with vinegar for two days. The practitioner wanted to try this, since it was not real medication. She went to the kitchen for a bottle of vinegar. When she tried to open it, the bottle dropped to the ground and shattered.

Realizing that nothing happens by accident, she understood that although vinegar is not medicine, she was still looking at her symptom as an illness and accepted it as such. There is no such thing as illness to a practitioner, so she allowed this interference from the old forces to keep her from clarifying the truth to people. After realizing this, the practitioner abandoned her attachment and went out as she normally did. A few days later, the problem disappeared and her mouth was normal.

3. Retrieving Forgotten Phone Numbers

Mr. Chen, who is in his sixties, used to have memory problems. He had to write everything down or he would forget to do things. Once he began cultivation practice, he asked Master to give him wisdom and tried to memorize other practitioners' phone numbers instead of writing them down to protect their safety. Amazingly, he was able to remember phone numbers after being told only once.

One day a practitioner informed Mr. Chen of a change in his phone number and reminded him to write it down. Mr. Chen responded with confidence, "No problem. I can remember it after you say it once!"

A long time later, Mr. Chen urgently needed to contact this practitioner, but he couldn't remember the number while he was at the public phone booth. He remained calm and realized that having poor memory with advancing age was for everyday people, not Dafa practitioners. He said to himself, "It is urgent for me to work with our group of practitioners, and I must eliminate all interference." This thought process enabled him to retrieve that phone number from memory. The other practitioner was amazed by the story, and Mr. Chen said, "This was wisdom obtained from Master."