(Clearwisdom.net) The annual Coordinator's Experience Sharing Conference in our area concluded on September 28, 2008. Participants shared experiences while focusing on being responsible for the Fa and the whole body of practitioners. They hoped to improve the whole body in order to better fulfill the mission of saving sentient beings.

Study the Fa well and look inwards

Talking about the importance of looking inwards, we reminded each other that to study the Fa is the basis to doing everything well. Studying the Fa well is not a formality, and we should pay attention to looking inwards and improving our xinxing at the same time. Especially coordinators are required to look inside at all times and let go of human notions. Only by doing so can we play our role as coordinators and save sentient beings. As Fa rectification progresses, we realized that if we remained stagnant, it would have bad results.

If we disregard cultivating xinxing, studying the Fa, and upgrading in cultivation because we are too busy, we will quickly become tired due to the attachment of doing things. This will affect the whole area and all our projects. Only when we study the Fa well and look inside at all times,will we notice our personal shortcomings and break through bottlenecks. For example, personal notions often prevent us from attending experience sharing groups or getting up early in the morning to do the exercises. This will indirectly affect our own cultivation and the improvement of the whole body. It should therefore not be neglected.

Communicating in a friendly and kind manner

When practitioners have troubles and conflicts with each other, coordinators should show concern and listen patiently. They should not only make it their priority to solve problems and assign work, but should also consider the practitioner's personal cultivation status and help him or her endure. Especially with conflicts among practitioners, they should help them improve based on the Fa and show friendly and compassionate understanding. When we communicate with each other, we should remain kind and truly seek the best solution. If we abandon complaints, feelings of inadequacy, and negative thinking, we will be much more powerful and be able to form a seamless body. In contrast, if there are conflicts that are dividing us because of misunderstandings, it would be a great loss!

When a practitioner talked about conflicts among practitioners and mentioned that it was hard to complete certain Fa rectification projects because of this, practitioners at the conference reminded the coordinators to look inward first. Whenever cultivators look inward and look for any loopholes, they cultivate well. At the same time, coordinators should communicate with practitioners frankly and sincerely so that they will see, "...bright flowers and another village ahead." (Zhuan Falun, Lecture 9) Coordinators should frequently communicate with practitioners in a way that cultivates patience.

The attitudes of practitioners was also discussed. We should be friendly but not too emotional. We should remind each other of the seriousness of cultivation but not be too didactic. The process of coordination is also a process of cultivation. Every single thought should be measured by whether it is in agreement with the Fa; we are then getting rid of attachments and upgrading as a whole body.

Establishing a stable environment, coordinating as a whole body, saving sentient beings

In addition, we thought that we would benefit from improved coordination instead of assigning a majority of projects to a few practitioners. We need to let go of human notions and not assign work based on whether we like or dislike someone. If we only think of saving sentient beings, many problems will be rectified.

We also discussed how to best guide the senior practitioners at our practice sites, and we came to the conclusion that although some of them are not highly educated, they have great perseverance and their power of saving sentient beings should not be underestimated. That said, we have to provide proper leadership. Many of the practitioners who persevere in calling people in Mainland China, put up banners and do the exercises on time at the practice sites, or go to the scenic sites to welcome visitors from Mainland China are actually senior practitioners. Therefore, every practitioner is a particle of the Fa. It is the coordinator's job to put the particle in the right position.

For example, Sun Moon Lake is an important scenic site where visitors from Mainland China often visit. Practitioners think it is a precious place to validate the Fa and clarify the truth. Therefore, practitioners try to overcome many difficulties with righteous thoughts and establish a righteous energy field. They regularly display Falun Gong posters and banners and talk to visitors about Falun Gong openly and uprightly. Every week, dozens of vehicles bring visitors from Mainland China to Sun Moon Lake. They all pay close attention to the information on the poster boards. Some secretly put Falun Gong brochures into their pockets and some quit the CCP right on the spot.

Practitioners also discussed how to best organize the sharing of practitioners' insights at the practice sites. In addition, we should help new practitioners to understand the importance of doing the exercises and studying the Fa. Practitioners who always feel sleepy when sending righteous thoughts should be reminded to do better and to also do the exercises.

Coordinators are also cultivators and should place themselves among practitioners. They also have the responsibility,to establish a stable environment for other practitioners. It is their responsibility to allow every practitioner to validate the Fa, promote the Fa, and save sentient beings. We should take the Fa as the teacher and accept everyone as a coordinator so that we can save sentient beings together.

September 30, 2008