(Clearwisdom.net) August 2008 was an important date for me. It was a turning point for me and when I started my new life.

Due to the slanderous CCP propaganda, I used to be against Falun Gong, even though my husband is a practitioner. Before our marriage, I knew that he was a good person. I married him without a second thought. I thought that over time, I could persuade him to give up Falun Gong. After we were married, he was so good that he seemed almost flawless. He was always optimistic and worry-free. Regardless of how big of a scene I created, he could tolerate it. Moreover, he was always nice to me. Under his diligent persuasion, I slowly began to understand Falun Dafa.

Everything began when I watched the movie "Shock the World". Although it does not have a moving and winding plot, great scenery created with huge amounts of money, or performances by famous actors, it does relate a real, moving and shocking story.

I also watched a soap opera which told a tale of deep love between man and woman. I shed tears after watching it. When I recollected watching it, I thought I was so ridiculous for crying. Gradually respect arose spontaneously from my heart. Besides infinite admiration, I could not find any words to express my feelings. That night, I tossed and turned and could not go to sleep. I began to understand something, but I was still puzzled. How could a human mind be so pure. Since the heroine and my husband were so similar, I started to understand him gradually. I began to realize that my husband's goodness originated completely from Falun Dafa. Although I did not know how and why this happened, I knew that they were both good people and they did what was right. I had to find out the answer.

I therefore began to read Zhuan Falun every day. From that point on, I said goodbye to my complicated, empty, hesitant, goal-free and pursuant-free self. I had a brand-new outlook on life and new values. I did not do very well and it was only a beginning for me, but I began to understand the difference between good and bad, compassion and wickedness, beauty and ugliness, and what we should do and what we should not do. I found the true meaning of life. I will walk this path to the very end.

A Son Returns Home

Mr. Fan, 33-years-old, lives in Henggang Village, Chengjiang Town, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province. After he graduated from middle school, he did not get a job, slept during the day,

and smoked and gambled during the night. He refused to listen to the advice of his parents, relatives and friends. Financially, he depended on his parents all the time. If he could not get money from his parents, he would steal it. His parents were so upset that they would not admit that he was their son. The neighbors also said, "There is no hope for him at all."

Some people told him: "Only Falun Dafa can save you." He did not believe it, and teased them. Later, by chance, he got the book Remembering Master's Grace. He cried after reading it. He said, "I almost wasted my life and nearly missed this chance. Now I will practice Falun Gong and return to my original and true self. I will begin by being a good person."

After that, he totally changed. He led a normal life and quit smoking and gambling. All his bad habits were corrected during his cultivation. His relatives and friends are very glad with his change. They said, "the prodigal son who returns to his true self is more precious than gold."

September 17, 2008