(Clearwisdom.net) At the end of 2006, there was a rumor in our area that the newly appointed police chief was planning large-scale arrests and the destruction of Falun Gong truth-clarification materials production centers. I was worried at first, but soon I thought to myself, "I will not hide or move anything out of my home, and we'll see who dares to touch me!" After sending forth righteous thoughts that night, I had a dream of two long green snakes coming from the east (where the police station is located), but they were immediately scared back into their hole when they saw that we were sending forth righteous thoughts. The next day, we heard that the officers were busy arresting gamblers, but they did not do anything to Falun Gong practitioners. I did not pay much attention to it at the time, but I later enlightened that because we put down our fear and did not follow the old force arrangements, we achieved this result.

Negating the old forces means not being moved by their arrangements. Some old force arrangements, such as the 16th Party Congress, the Olympics, large-scale arrests, etc. are obvious. Falun Dafa practitioners should not be moved by these events. If we send forth righteous thoughts aimed at the failure of the Congress and attempts to arrest us, on the surface we are resisting the persecution and eliminating the evil, but in fact we are being interfered with by its arrangements. We are not fundamentally freed from the limitations set by the old forces. Instead we are busy following the old forces. No matter if the old forces are hosting the Olympics or conducting mass arrests, we should still do the three things calmly, as if such arrangements did not exist. The old force arrangements provide us opportunities to eliminate evil and establish mighty virtue. The old forces are accelerating their own disintegration, while practitioners negate and eliminate them.

As Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, we must go beyond personal cultivation and look at things from the angle of Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. Master taught us in "Expedition" (Hongyin II),

"Who cares about your thick fog or fierce wind swirling
Mountain rains along the way wash off dust from the expedition"

No matter how situations, their manifestations, or conflicts between practitioners may change, we cannot be moved by them and must not be attached to them. Nothing can block us from doing the three things well. It is our responsibility to do the three things well. We should live up to our responsibilities as the new cosmos' enlightened beings, helping Master with Fa-rectification by saving sentient beings in the world. How can we be directed or interfered with by those low beings from the old cosmos?

I enlightened that it is not enough to stop at a personal cultivation level if we want to cultivate to righteous enlightened beings of the new cosmos. No matter how we cultivate or look inside, we will not been freed from the limitations of personal cultivation. Fellow practitioners who are suffering from long-term sickness karma trials could be suffering because they have failed to jump out of the frame of personal cultivation. When they look inside, they carry a strong mindset of solving personal problems. The bottom line is that they are still doing things for themselves and have often failed to pass the test.

It is not wrong to strictly look inside, but how can a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple look inside from such a shallow and selfish perspective? Looking inside is an aspect of assimilating to the Fa, rectifying all deviated elements amidst the Fa, and returning to our original true selves. It is not about solving a situation or a problem. We send forth righteous thoughts to purify the cosmos, reduce the harm of the persecution, safeguard Falun Dafa, and save sentient beings using the supernormal abilities that Master has bestowed upon us as gods in the Fa, but not for self protection or helping individuals. Clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings is a manifestation of Falun Dafa's benevolence in the human world. Genuine cultivators have mercy when they see sentient beings facing elimination, therefore, we save them with righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Doing the three things rationally is not for self-consummation, simply fulfilling our task, meeting the requirements, or competing. The reason Falun Dafa disciples do magnificent work is because we are disciples of our Master, cultivating towards selflessness, in harmony with what Master wants.

We are beings cultivating in Dafa, the Great Way. We must look at things and do things based on what Master wants, and save sentient beings not for our personal cultivation, but for the Fa-rectification. When we have reach this level, we have positioned ourselves above the old forces and beyond old force arrangements. When our standpoint is correct, our path will be correct. The old forces can only affect selfish beings in the old cosmos. Genuine Falun Dafa practitioners are selfless and do things only for the purpose of saving people; they do all things to validate Falun Dafa. No matter how dangerous ordinary people think our actions are, the old forces cannot touch us because we surpass them. How can the old forces persecute us then?

Any selfish thoughts could become tribulations on our path. When faced with an important choice, we should do only what Master wants, and put saving sentient beings first; then we are walking the path that Master has arranged. If we have selfish mindsets, we will misunderstand the situation, be lost in the illusion the old forces have created, and fail to meet the standards that Master requires of us. Hence, we should not only see how much we have done on the surface, but must first straighten out our vantage point. When our goal is to cultivate to enlightened beings who are unselfish and live for others, then we can be worthy of the title "Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples."

Above is my personal understanding, please correct me based on the Fa.