(Clearwisdom.net) It is crucial that every Dafa practitioner study the Fa with a clear mind and with concentration. When I studied "Zhuan Falun", I was not able to concentrate and my mind wandered. I tried very hard to adjust this abnormal state, but still couldn't figure out a good method.

One day I was far away from home. I was not in a good cultivation state. I missed my wife and child very much. All sorts of attachments came up such as fear, loneliness, lust and desire. I did not have a clear mind when I studied Zhuan Falun. A hundred chores ran through my head. I was not able to sit still for even a little while, so I walked back and forth in the room. I became very upset, but I suppressed the bad thoughts and asked myself, "What should I do? How shall I deal with this? This cannot continue. How can I rectify this abnormal state?" Master has repeatedly told us that we should take the Fa as teacher. Then isn't the Fa our Master? When practitioners study the Fa and assimilate themselves to the Fa, what do those attachments account for? They are nothing. Master has repeatedly told us to read the Fa more. Then the only thing I should do at that moment was to pick up Zhuan Falun and study the Fa, study the Fa... I should keep studying. I still couldn't keep my mind clear, but I was determined to continue reading the Fa. After finishing one lecture, my mind became clearer than before. Then I read two more lectures, and my mind became so clear and calm, just like still water. I felt I was a changed person. I knew that through studying the Fa I had gotten rid of many attachments and as a result my mind became clear.

I realize the importance of Fa study from this experience. My understanding is that however many attachments we have, however bad our thoughts are, or however difficult the tribulation is on our path of validating the Fa, we should listen to Master and study the Fa more. Then, every problem can be solved. (If we are not able to study the Fa under special circumstances, then we can recite the Fa every minute.) Because a practitioner on the way to godhood is still a human being, the part that has been cultivated well will be separated and the human part has shortcomings and is not up to the standard. So we must require ourselves to spend every possible minute studying the Fa. In the course of eliminating evil and saving sentient beings, we need wisdom, rationality, compassion and righteous thoughts, all of which come from the Fa.

This is my limited understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.