(Clearwisdom.net) I believe that there are several advantages to memorizing the Fa.

1. Memorizing the Fa is a way to see whether or not you can maintain a calm mind while studying the Fa

In the past when I studied the Fa, I sometimes felt that I didn't get anything out of it. When I was having random thoughts during Fa-study, I would read every word, but I didn't know what I had read afterwards. It is different when you memorize the Fa. If you cannot calm down, you cannot memorize it at all.

2. There must be interference if one cannot recite the Fa accurately

It has been my experience that if I always make a mistake at the same spot, using similar words or sentences, then there is something in another dimension interfering with me. When I send forth righteous thoughts so that it will no longer interfere with me, I no longer make the mistake. I understand from reading the Fa that the origin of a person's thoughts is very complicated. When you cannot remain clam, there must be something interfering with you. Only when you realize it and reject it can you have your own thoughts. Many people do not like to memorize the Fa. I believe it is because something is interfering to prevent them from memorizing the Fa.

3. One must be accurate when memorizing the Fa

My understanding is that only Teacher's original words are the Fa. When one is reciting the Fa, if it is similar in meaning, but it is slightly different from the original words, then it is not the Fa. It does not have the power of the Fa, nor does it serve the purpose of studying the Fa. At these times, the words you memorized only carry everyday people's connotations, not higher meanings of the Fa. Some people feel that because Teacher uses coloquial expressions a lot it is harder to memorize. In fact, this is only a barrier and inference in your mind. My understanding is that because it is more like spoken language, it helps prevent interference from other cultivation ways. When you can really calm down and memorize the Fa, you will not feel that it is hard. In fact, you will feel that it is really easy to remember. I believe that memorizing the Fa is also a process of cultivation.