(Clearwisdom.net) Lately, I keep hearing that some Dafa practitioners in my city have been experiencing serious illness karma. Some went to the hospital, while others insisted on not getting treatment, which caused a very negative impression by their non-practitioner family members. There are also some who have had illness karma for a long time. Many experience-sharing articles regarding this issue can be found on the Clearwisdom website. Here, I would also like to share my understandings.

During these years that we have been cultivating, Master has long since taken away the roots of our illness karma. A true cultivator doesn't have illness. As practitioners, we should believe this beyond any doubt. Then why do some practitioners often experience sickness karma, with some cases even becoming quite serious, ans some even causing them to lose their human bodies? My understanding is that as long as we believe in Master and the Fa and truly consider ourselves to be cultivators, look inside when encountering problems, and diligently cultivate ourselves, then there isn't any difficulty that we can't overcome.

We all know there are no coincidences in a cultivator's life. Master has taught us repeatedly through His lectures to look inside ourselves. When sickness karma appears, we should look to to fine the loophole. Do we have a serious attachment to something? Which human notion do we need to let go? Once we find the correct cause of the issue, everything will be straightened out right away. For example, in 2006, my daughter's boyfriend cheated on her. He had been seeing another girl while dating my daughter. At that time, my daughter was in great emotional pain and couldn't pull herself out of it. I understood completely that a cause-and-effect relationship existed there, but I couldn't let go of human sentiment. To comfort my daughter, I said a lot of negative things about that boy. Afterward, all my teeth started to ache. Some teeth even became longer than others, so that my upper teeth weren't able to close smoothly with my lower teeth. Several months passed, but I hadn't looked within, and a few of my teeth became dug out. When I read an article about a similar experience on the Clearwisdom website, I suddenly realized my unkind heart was the cause of this issue. I hadn't cultivated my speech and on this issue I had strayed from Dafa. Upon understanding this, I sent out one thought: I eliminate all the wrongful things I said in the past and I forbid them from taking effect. My upper teeth and lower teeth then became level and I could again close my teeth evenly and it was no longer that painful. The next day, everything was back to normal.

Another key issue is our truly believing in Master and the Fa and whether we actually regard ourselves as cultivators. When we began cultivation, Master took away all our illnesses and bore them Himself. Every time Master eliminates a sickness for us, it is equivalent to Him drinking a bowl of poison. We have come this far, so how could we possibly have sickness? When discomfort is felt somewhere in the body, how can a practitioner treat it as sickness? We should instead examine ourselves. Do we deeply believe in Master and the Fa? Do we really respect Master and the Fa? My understanding is that as long as we truly believe in Master and the Fa, consider ourselves to be true cultivators, and regard sickness karma with a righteous mind, all "illnesses" are only illusions.

Let me give a couple examples. This happened about three years ago. Each winter I seemed to develop a cough. It would take over a month to cease, and I would often spit blood while coughing. At first, I didn't care about it and merely looked at it as eliminating karma. But it went on for another two or three years. Then I realized that this wasn't karma elimination, but the evil's persecution. I sent out one strong thought: I am a Dafa practitioner. I don't have that karma. I will take control of my own body and I won't allow this to continue. After this, when I felt like coughing again, I forcefully kept it in. From then on, I no longer coughed.

One afternoon in 2005, I suddenly hurt my ankle twice while walking. My only thought at the time was that I am a cultivator, and it was nothing. So at that time nothing happened. At around 10:00 p.m. that night, I was washing my feet and thought: I injured my ankle badly today. After sleeping, will it worsen? From just that one wrong thought, my feet suddenly began to hurt, and I couldn't walk. With great difficulty I climbed into bed. Soon, my feet became swollen with a shiny surface and I couldn't move them. I sent forth righteous thoughts right away to eliminate that one wrong thought. I knew that my thought was wrong, and said to myself, "I am a Dafa practitioner. If anything is wrong, I will use Dafa to rectify it. I have Master taking care of me and I forbid the evil from persecuting me. I have important things to do tomorrow to validate Dafa. I still need to go to work and this cannot affect my saving people, not to mention damaging Dafa's image. I control my own body and my body must be well immediately." At midnight, I persisted in sitting in full lotus as I sent forth righteous thoughts. After that, the pain began to lessen, and then lessen more and more. I normally get up at 4:20 a.m. every day to do the exercises (this was prior to the group exercises.). I got up as usual and I was able to use my feet. I crossed my legs and did the sitting meditation, then the first and second exercises. After sending righteous thoughts at 6 o'clock, I did the third and fourth exercises. After that, everything was back to normal. My husband never knew that anything was amiss.

The above sharing is some of my understanding on illness karma. If there is anything inappropriate, please point it out.