(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Chengda of Jilin City has been detained for over a year since his arrest and has been brutally tortured. His family has requested his release many times to no avail. The police claim to have sentenced him.

At 9 a.m. on September 16, Mr. Liu's family again went to Jilin City's Chuanying District Police Department to ask Wang Shouyi, who was in charge of Mr. Liu's case, for his release. Wang replied, "It is impossible to release him. Anyone can be released except him."

Mr. Liu was arrested by police on June 12, 2007. The police stayed in his home, monitoring him for several days and they ransacked his home. While they were there, they threw trash all over his home, leaving liquor bottles, beverage bottles, cigarette cases, cigarette butts, sunflower seed shells, and poker cards all over. Blankets were also strewn about the floor. The police left without closing the windows, leaving his home with a lot of dust and causing his bedsheets and blankets to become moldy from being rained on. The police also stole his new set of comforters, curtains, and a handbag with the deed to his home, his bank deposit book, 5,000 yuan cash, and the stock certificates in it.

After his arrest, Mr. Liu was at one time detained in a police dog training center where he was brutally tortured. After that, he was also detained in the Jilin City Detention Center for over fifteen months. His family has been kept in the dark about what has happened to Mr Liu and they have been worried sick about him. Police at the Chuanying District Police Department sent his information to the Chuanying Procuratorate in an attempt have him sentenced. However, his case was turned down due to insufficient evidence. The officers in the Chuanying District Police Department recompiled his information and resubmitted his case again, insisting on having him sentenced. Mr. Liu's family has traveled back and forth between the police department and the Procuratorate several times asking for Mr. Liu's release. Nevertheless, Wang Shouyi of the police department claimed, "We've found so much information against him that we must sentence him."

On September 9, Mr. Liu's family went to the Chuanying Procuratorate again and talked with Fu Ping (female) and Gao Ming; however, Mr. Liu's file was said to be at the Chuanying District Police Department. On September 11, Mr. Liu's family went to the detention center and asked to see Mr. Liu, but they were rejected by the director of the detention center, Li Wei. They then went to see assistant director Cong Mohua, who claimed that it was impossible to release Mr. Liu. Mr. Liu's family requested to see a doctor surnamed Zhang (given name unknown) who worked for the detention center, but Cong said that he was unavailable.

Chuanying District Police Department: fax 86-432-6962990
Sun Yanhong, Domestic Security division Leader of Chuanying District Police Department: 86-13304424877 (Cell), 86-432-2021680
Liu Jianhua, CCP Secretary of Chuanying District Police Department: 86-13844614822 (Cell), 86-432-4835886