(Clearwisdom.net) In a city in eastern Henan Province there was a family with a mother and her daughter-in-law (who will be referred to as "mother" and "daughter" in this article). The mother was a retired teacher, and the daughter was a nurse. The daughter was very filial to her mother, and the mother took good care of her little grandson, who had just started learning to speak. There was only one thing on which they disagreed.

In the autumn of 2006, the mother, who had always been healthy, suddenly suffered from severe back pain. The daughter took her to see many doctors, but all medical treatments failed to alleviate the pain. The daughter wanted the mother to take yet another course of massage treatment, but the mother thought it would have no effect because there had been no improvement after her previous massage treatment. However, she did not want to let her daughter down. One day, the mother was stopped on the street by a female colleague she had not seen for many years. They were very glad to see each other again and talked a great deal. The female colleague was a Falun Gong practitioner. The next day the mother got a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. She read the book at night and went for the massage treatment in the daytime.

When she had finished reading Zhuan Falun, the course of the massage treatment was also over, and her back pain was gone. The daughter said it was because of the massage, but the mother said it was because of the Falun Gong book. The daughter said, "I would like to read the book since it is so miraculous." With this excuse, she hid the book away.

In spring 2007, the mother developed a large lump in her breast. Experts said that the lump could easily develop into cancer and suggested an operation. At the time the hospital was short of patient beds, so they prescribed some Western medicine and told her to have an operation when there was a free bed for her.

The mother said, "If I have the operation, I will have to go through radiation treatment as well. Even if I am in good physical condition, this will make me suffer. Furthermore, the treatment may fail to prevent the disease from arising again. I do not want the operation. Instead, I want to read the Dafa book, because I believe a miracle will occur." Convinced by her mother's words, the daughter agreed, but asked her mother to resort to medical treatment while reading the Dafa books.

One week later, the breast lump was gone. The entire family was very happy. The daughter said, "Finally, you should believe in hospitals." The mother smiled and said, "I believe in hospitals, but I also believe in Dafa. I have done an experiment on myself." She then opened a drawer and showed the medicines prescribed by the experts. Her family saw that the medicines were untouched.

Everyone in the family was now convinced. The daughter said, "Mother, it is not that we do not allow you to learn Falun Gong. It is that we are worried that you might be persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. In our hospital, there was a female doctor highly recognized for her virtue in medical practice. She was sentenced to forced labor for practicing Falun Gong and subjected to much suffering due to the persecution. Now that you have such a profound predestined relation with Dafa, we will no longer stop you, but you must be careful for your safety." The mother said, "Please rest assured. I understand you. You all will benefit from Dafa if I cultivate well."