(Clearwisdom.net) I'd like to share my experience of practicing with the Divine Land Marching Band in Germany.

The band held several intensive training sessions over a few weekends in Germany. I attended one of them. The intensity involved both learning the music and improving our xinxing.

At one time when we had a break, I felt like being alone. I left the team and went to buy some food. It took me some time. On my way back I heard the band's music from afar. It was "The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos." I felt something was spinning in my abdomen. The more I listened, the more my abdomen was filled with the harmonious music, and the more I understood the inner meaning of the music. "The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos" - what a powerful sentence; everything was included in it. The music really woke me up. Why didn't I stay with the team? What was I doing? The band was where I belonged!

I started jogging. The closer I got to the band, the more obvious the feeling of energy welling up inside of me. Each instrument and every fellow practitioner had so much energy! I realized the importance of the band even more. We are not only performing, but with help from gods, we are clearing away the bad thoughts in people's minds as we perform. I had known the effect of the band, but this was my first personal experience of it.

A while later, some little practitioners performed drumming for us. They had only practiced for one or two days and had only learned a few simple patterns, but I was moved the moment they started playing, I couldn't hold back my tears. Their purity reflected in the sound of the drumming could really touch people's hearts. It was amazing! To accompany them, we started playing, too. I was trembling, and tears kept streaming down my face. I had to close my eyes to listen to the drumming and music. I had never felt something so harmonious and powerful before. At that moment, I truly understood the meaning of one body. The power of one body can clear away all obstacles and disintegrate all evil factors.

The pure sound of the children's drumming moved people's hearts. I had a better understanding of the importance of clearing our minds of all notions and bad thoughts at all times, and clearing our minds right away whenever we realize any bad thoughts. The purer our thoughts, the more people we are able to save.

I'm sharing this touching experience with fellow practitioners to encourage each other, and I will do my best on my part. Thank you!