(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1995. Reflecting on my cultivation path, I have gone through a whole lot, from group practice and study to experiencing suppression by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), from facing the frenzied arrest of Dafa practitioners to pondering about my cultivation and devoting myself to the three things required by Teacher. Under Teacher's compassionate protection, I have gradually rectified myself in my cultivation. Today I would like to share some of my experiences with fellow practitioners.

Rectifying Myself and Walking My Cultivation Path Righteously

Before my cultivation, I was the type of person who always wanted to take some advantage. As along as it was something that belonged to my company, I would think about ways to obtain some for myself. After I took up Dafa practice, I rectified myself. When my clients offered to give me some kickbacks, I always found opportunities to return the money to them. If there was no way for me to return the money, I usually turned in the bribe to my company. Whatever way, I always made sure the clients understood that it was Dafa that changed me to such a person. I also explained to them the wonderfulness of Dafa and at the same time persuaded them to quit CCP and its subordinate organizations.

Harmonizing My Family and Clarifying the Truth Together

During the past 13 years, nothing has been able to stop my cultivation. However, it was a totally different story for my husband. He began the practice about the same time as I. However, due to the persecution and his lack of good understanding of Dafa principles, he stopped cultivation for a period of time, during which he became extremely opposed to my truth clarification. I then tried to find different opportunities to communicate with him, gradually bringing him back to his cultivation path. Now at his work place, he puts truth clarification materials on his desk for his colleagues to read. He also dares to sing praise of Dafa when his coworkers talk about Dafa. He even taught two of his colleagues how to do the exercises during his spare time.

Several of my sisters often practice Dafa. I always make sure they get a copy of Teacher's new articles soon after they are published. I also often exchange with them on the importance of doing the three things well. Whenever there is a chance, I take them truth clarification materials so they can also catch up with Fa rectification and help save more people.

Cleaning Up the Evil at my Workplace

At work, I never forget I am a Dafa disciple. Under Teacher's compassionate protection, I am able to cultivate smoothly.

I first clarified the truth to the party secretary at my workplace. The two of us work together well. She never promotes so called CCP achievements at meetings. Instead, she promotes traditional Chinese culture.

I also seize the chance to talk to individual colleagues. Since they have learned from their interaction with me that I am an upright and reliable person, I am able to share Dafa's wonderfulness with them. Most of them have quit the CCP and have a very positive attitude towards Dafa.

I thank Teacher for His painstaking salvation. I am also grateful to my local fellow practitioners for pointing out my shortcomings and deficiencies.