(Clearwisdom.net) Ji Xiaolan an author from the Qing Dynasty, wrote the following story in chapter 13 of "Yueweicaotangbiji".

Long ago, there was once a nun in Cangzhou who wandered about in society, persuading people to practice virtue. She did not think believers should simply visit temples and donate. Instead, she went to individual homes to tell people about Buddhist virtue. She would visit whoever invited her. No matter whether they were high officials or noble lords, or impoverished common people, she warmly persuaded people to practice virtue to resolve their problems. She did not ask for donations but just advised people to keep compassion in their hearts and to do good deeds.

One day a hostess named Fan invited the nun to her home. After she provided a meal she gave the nun a bolt of cloth as her donation.

The nun took the cloth, put it on the table, and said: "Buddha has already noticed your kind gesture. This is a fine bolt of cloth, and since you gave it to me, I will take it. Thank you very much. It is already approaching winter. I noticed your aunt still wears only a thin layer of clothing, and seems quite cold. I would like to give this bolt of cloth to her so she can make a set of cotton-padded clothing. Is this OK with you?" The hostess was ashamed and speechless; she kept nodding her head to show her agreement. The nun also nodded her head, and smiling, lifted her hands in Heshi position and left.

From that point on, the hostess showed filial piety and respect for her aunt.

When I read this story, I was deeply moved. This nun did not take the donation but meticulously took care of others. She was also very knowledgeable at guiding and educating the believers. She truly had a Buddha heart and compassion toward all.

This nun's behavior made me think.

Whoever believes and worships Buddha should first be a good person and perform good deeds. Be kind to others and do not hurt anyone. If one makes a mistake, it should be confessed and corrected it immediately. The hostess donated a bolt of cloth. She was kind but she did not pay close enough attention to her elderly aunt and let her suffer from the cold. It was her shortcoming. Under the nun's systematic guidance, she quickly corrected herself. This is still praiseworthy!

Nobody should have wicked thoughts while worshiping Buddha. Evil individuals attempt to bribe Buddha. Will this work? It is an insult to Buddha. There are people within the CCP, who persecute kind people and keep doing bad deeds. In the meantime, they worship and make requests to Buddha and hope Buddha will help and protect them. This is only wishful thinking.