(Clearwisdom.net) On June 19, 2000, I set out for Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. The train only had non-seat tickets left. I bought a ticket, stepped aboard, sat down, and prepared to leave the seat when the ticket holder came. However, I sat there all the way to Beijing without any one coming to claim the seat. I knew that Master was taking care of his disciple. I said thank you to Master in my heart again and again.

In Beijing, on my way to Tiananmen Square, I met four people wearing homemade clothes. Each carried a bag in the minority fashion. Even their shoes were handmade. The soles had worn out. One man's shoes were held together with a linen band stained with blood. Two of them hobbled forward with wooden staffs. We saw each other and I felt very close to them in my heart. After talking with them, I learned that they were part of a minority group from the remote mountains of Sichuan Province. Each represented the practitioners in his own village. The villagers were very poor and lived a hard life. Since the Fa was spread there, they had all benefited and were in good health. The Fa also brought them a miracle. They never learned how to read except for one person who went to school for two years. However, they all could read Zhuan Falun. They came to Beijing to validate the Fa on behalf of their fellow disciples, relatives, and friends in their villages. Their travel expenses were donated by their relatives who were disciples. They left home with hope and a sense of responsibility. They carried food and replacement shoes with them and walked across several mountains. It took them several days to reach the railway. To save money, they walked along the railway instead of taking the train. They lost count of the days and nights and finally arrived in Beijing. The ground was their bed, the sky was their sheets. They drank in the wind, and slept on the dew. Boldly, they came to Beijing.

I asked if they were tired. They smiled, "We came on behalf of all the disciples of the mountains. We just want to come to Beijing and tell the government that our villages are remote and very poor. The people there can not afford to see a doctor. Falun Dafa is so wonderful and has given so many of us good health. We are asking the government to please not take the opposite position and to let us practice freely." I was deeply touched by their spirit. I told them that I would write down their story and let all practitioners know. The image of their pure, passionate, and smiling faces through tears will be ingrained in my mind forever.

January 19, 2008